West NY Letters

The mysteries of botany

Dear Editor: IN SEASON Through tiniest stem the cherry growsAnd makes a little hard pitHow it does that, nobody knowsBut they are studying it. T. Weed

Tread Lightly: Worn Tires Put Drivers at Risk

Dear Editor: Afternoon downpours could spell disaster for millions of road trippers this summer, thanks to an unlikely suspect – tires. New research from AAA...

The case for legalizing pot

Dear Editor: Marijuana should be legalized throughout the entire United States. The legalization of marijuana will benefit society in several ways. First, by taxing...

Marijuana laws are burning

Dear Editor: Everywhere I go, I smell burning cannabis and with each passing day, we continue to abide by outdated, draconian laws for a substance...

Weed on weed

Dear editor: Re: Will City Go To Pot, Hoboken Reporter, April 22. Our state, along with others, is wrestling with the problem of...

A green power leader under county executive Tom DeGise

Dear Editor: There are many issues in today's world facing our environment and I wish to take time to recognize the efforts of our County...

More news about New Jersey

Dear Editor: New Jerseyans are stranded in a news desert. That is, we lack essential news and information about ourselves and our communities. Why? The...

Northeast legal services rocks

Dear Editor: Located near the Hudson County Court House this legal organization helps countless low income individual, from appellant cases involving Food Stamps, SSI...

Information needed on former Mayor Mark Fagan

Dear Editor. I’m writing an article on former Jersey City Mayor Mark Fagan for the journal The Human Prospect. While I do expect to have...

The significance of May 20 for Cuban-Americans

Dear Editor: This writing is dedicated to the memory of Weehawken-born Mario de la Peña, victim of the Castro’s regime in the Brothers to...
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