West NY Letters

Unhealthy politics in NJ

Dear Editor: Why would NJ Governor Murphy, who campaigned for 100 percent clean energy by 2050, support the construction of a huge, dirty, fracked gas...

The Wall and Socialism

To the Editor: Mr. John Di Genio compared the border barrier between the US and Mexico with the Berlin Wall. This is an insult and...

Good men are not your enemies

Dear Editor: This is the most challenging letter that I have ever written because it is probably impossible to say what I want to say...

Trump does more than any world leader to save Christian lives

To the Editor: What you will never hear on any side of the media is the fact that President Trump has directly intervened in Nigeria...

Facilities funding needed

Dear Editor: Horace Mann had the right intentions when he brought reform to the public school education system. Iā€™m sure he would have never imagined...

Unhealthy politics in New Jersey

Dear Editor: Why would Gov. Murphy break his campaign promise of bringing clean-green energy to NJ and instead support the construction of a dirty, fracked...

Let Independent voices be heard

To the Editor, I am one of the 2.4 million independent voters in New Jersey. Independents outnumber both the Democrats and the Republicans here, yet...

Kosovo 1999

Dear Editor: March 24, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the war in Kosovo. Twenty years ago, was an endless stream of atrocities from that...

Don Newcombe helped diversity

Dear Editor: Don Newcombe went to the great baseball diamond in the sky, the legendary "Field of Dreams," on Feb.19, 2019. "Newk" was born in...

A ‘Tax on Wealth’ will be harder than it appears

Dear Editor: Re: Stewart Epstein's 'Tax on Wealth,' Jan 18. Mr. Epstein is fed up with the Democrats (who isn't!) because they've abandoned their traditional...
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