West NY Letters

Venezuela: A New Cuba?

Dear Editor: A writer who grew up in Venezuela sends financial aid to his sister who lives there. Under President Maduro, liberties do not exist....

Sen. Sacco is “illegally” proposing that undocumented immigrants get NJ driver’s licenses.

Dear Editor: Sen. Sacco is "illegally" proposing that undocumented immigrants get NJ driver's licenses. State Sen. Nicholas Sacco (D-32), a member of the transportation committee, said,...

Mother’s Day

Dear Editor: Only once a year? Every day should be Mother's Day, for the proper worship of Man, is Woman, the giver of life, the...

The Special Counsel Report

Dear Editor: It is unbelievable that you have a federal agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, that was so consumed with power and arrogance, willing to...

The Confederate Flag Has No Place in Modern America

Dear Editor: A recent issue is the State Flag of Mississippi. The governor directed that the state flag of Mississippi be removed from Freedom Way...

Fix the unfairness

To the Editor: An open letter from New Jersey Public School employees: As you drive by our district schools, you may have seen educators gathered outside...

We can’t afford not to have a Green New Deal

To the Editor: The letter “FDR’S New Deal VS. AOC’s New Green Deal” parrots lots of misinformation spread about the GND by the fossil fuel...


Dear Editor: WrestleMania, perhaps the greatest spectacle in the genre of "Sports Entertainment," returned to New Jersey on Sunday, April 7. Over 82,000 fans made...

Protect against mass migrations

To the Editor: I read with great distress Mr. Di Genio’s letter to the Editor “The Mexican Wall.” Mr. Di Genio does not know me,...

Kate Smith was not a bigot

Dear Editor: It appears that representatives of the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers would have the American people believe that the First Lady...
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