Gratitude Workshop with Live Music


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Event Description: Join us Sunday, November 21st, 2PM-4PM for our Gratitude Workshop! Kick off the holidays with an afternoon of GRATITUDE and flow through the season with an open heart, flexible mind, and grounded body! Deepen your inner and outer connections, while setting the tone for mindfulness amidst the frenetic nature of this festive yet often stressful time. The workshop is designed to assist you in aligning with Fall and the sense of grounding needed to stay balanced—now and into the months ahead. This very special pre-Thanksgiving practice with Dana Halstead-Moss will feature Live Music led by seasoned Music Therapist, Lisa Broniak. The session was designed to awaken and cultivate gratitude while you move through a mindful, grounding sequence that begins with a slow, gentle flow and winds down with luxurious, supported restorative postures. Join us!

Price: In-Studio Only: 40$