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Hoboken Schools Achieve Top Awards in Theatre and Speech Contests


Hoboken schools won prestigious awards in state-wide theatre and speech competitions, showcasing exceptional student talent and commitment.

Key Takeaways
  • Hoboken schools win a record 10 awards at the Arts Education Theatre Competition.
  • Over 750 students participate, with Hoboken students showcasing outstanding talent.
  • These wins highlight Hoboken’s strong commitment to excellence in arts education.

Hoboken Schools Triumph in Speech and Theatre Competitions

In a remarkable display of theatrical talent, the Hoboken Middle and High School Thespian Competition Teams secured a historic victory at the Speech & Theatre Association of New Jersey’s Governor’s Awards in Arts Education Theatre Competition. 

Record-Breaking Wins at Montclair State University

At the prestigious Arts Education Theatre Competition held at Montclair State University, the Hoboken Public School District made an impressive mark by securing a record 10 awards. This event, known for its competitive nature, witnessed many participants from various schools across the state.

List of Awards Won

  • First Place Comedic Pair and The Governor’s Award in Arts Education: Kendall McDonough & Mable Blischke-Villavicencio
  • First Place Character Analysis Monologue: Naomi Cooke
  • First Place Musical Theatre Ensemble: Kendall McDonough, Naomi Cooke, and team
  • 2nd Place Dramatic Pairs: Halie Benway & Lucas Daly
  • 3rd Place Dramatic Pairs: Miguel Cabelin & Naomi Cooke
  • 5th Place Musical Theatre Pairs: Daniel Weintraub & Mable Blischke-Villavicencio
  • Finalist Musical Theatre Pairs:  Kendall McDonough & Kevin Melendez
  • Finalist Musical Theatre Pairs:  Arcadio Torres & Lucas Daly
  • Finalist Musical Theatre Solo: Halie Benway 
  • Finalist Comedic Monologue: Riddhi Damani

Strong Participation and Outstanding Performances

Approximately 750 students competed in various categories of speech and theatre, with several students from Hoboken schools displaying exceptional talent and securing top positions. The competitions involved a range of categories, allowing students to showcase their diverse skills in different aspects of speech and theatrical performances.

Accolades and Recognition

The achievements of Hoboken students in these competitions have been highly praised by educators and parents. The awards are seen as a triumph for the individual students and a testament to the quality of arts education the Hoboken Public School District provides.

Continuing a Tradition of Excellence

This recent success builds upon Hoboken’s ongoing commitment to fostering excellence in arts education. The district has been actively promoting various arts programs, recognizing the importance of arts in the holistic development of students.

With these wins, Hoboken schools have set a high standard for future competitions. The district looks forward to continuing its support for arts education and encouraging more students to participate in such enriching activities.