Best Foot Fetish Sites for Feet Enthusiasts in 2024 – Check Out the Top Foot Fetish Models

best foot fetish sites

Have you ever heard the expression, “The thrill of victory and the agony of da feet?”

If yes, then you’re probably horny for feet and not thinking so much about sports!

But hey, who can deny a pair of tootsies are a beautiful thing? That’s why I decided to make a list of the best foot fetish sites of 2024.

In this list, I’ll focus on sites for feet pics exclusively, the sites that provide the most unique niche content made just for foot lovers, and the sites that pay models the most money for foot pics.

Read on and see why FeetFinder came in at #1… And don’t worry about putting your foot in your mouth. That’s more than welcome here!

Top Foot Fetish Websites of 2024

Overview of foot fetish sites I’ve dug into:

  1. FeetFinder – Best overall of the foot fetish websites
  2. Feet4Cash – Best niches within a niche
  3. FeetRecords – Free help for established foot models
  4. Foot-Fetish Toys – Highest quality foot fetish website
  5. Silicone Feet – More affordable foot toys
  6. WikiFeet – Free discussion of foot fetishists
  7. Feetify – Get cash for feet pictures

1. FeetFinder – #1 of the Best Foot Fetish Sites Overall


  • The biggest & safest foot fetish site
  • Members can be anonymous or use their name
  • Multiple categories of feet fetish content
  • Excellent security
  • 5,000 good reviews


  • Fairly high prices for sellers


  • $7.99 a month average for a model’s subscription
  • $4.99 per month or $14.99 a year for sellers

FeetFinder is the world’s largest and safest feet pics site, with over 5,000 five-star reviews and millions of users already signed up. The site makes it easy for you to post feet pics for immediate purchase or buy foot pics.

The top foot fetish site offers an easy web experience that feels like a dating app. You get to see a cover and profile photo of the model, along with a location and how many followers, videos, and photos are available for purchase.

You are quoted prices immediately as a subscription rate, as well as tips and custom offers. Stay in touch by following your favorite model or sorting through the most popular and active foot models.

Members can stay anonymous or post their real names and photos. Even better, choose between categories of high heels, soles, nail polish, socks, lotion, pedicures, dirty feet, and more.

For anyone serious about getting more foot-focused media beyond the mainstream, FeetFinder is your best bet. Thanks to encrypted servers, PCI-compliant security, and third-party firewalls, it’s also the most secure of foot fetish sites!

>>Find out why FeetFinder is the world’s most successful site for feet pics!

2. Feet4Cash – Best Foot Fetish Site for Niches


  • Focuses on micro-niche foot fetish
  • VR foot fetish site
  • Founded in 2008
  • Company pays all expenses
  • Pays 50% for feet pics sellers


  • Just one site among a larger network


  • Company pays 50% commission
  • $31.98 per month for feet pic/video buyers

Feet4Cash started way back in 2008 and on the #feet IRC channel and has exploded into one of the top 10 best foot fetish sites in the world. It’s grown so quickly that the brand is now split into 16 total foot fetish paysites across the larger network.

Feet4Cash focuses on foot fetish micro-niches, including cosplay, barefoot models, nylon feet, and even VR feet for more personalized interaction.

Feet4Cash’s studios do have full-body shots, with the faces of the models. The good news is that all filming is done in Lucca, Italy, and the company pays sellers for all expenses and bookings.

For original niche content, Feet4Cash’s network is one of the most trusted foot fetish websites.

>>Visit Feet4Cash, the network of foot fetish sites that’s winning fans worldwide!

3. FeetRecords – Best Option for Established Foot Models


  • Magazine and galleries for foot lovers
  • Free marketing help to foot models
  • Get featured by the magazine
  • Social media viral challenges
  • Get custom content for cheap


  • No professional help with photography


  • No charge for basic marketing help to sellers
  • $29 for boosted profiles
  • Models can buy galleries for $9
  • Custom content costs $55 and up

Feet Records is obsessed with feet, and offers not only feet pics and videos, but also a magazine, galleries, networking, and a host of features of interest to feet pic sellers.

Feet Records has original and exclusive feet pics from international models worldwide. In the company’s own words, Feet Records doesn’t hire models but helps to create stars.

The company helps with profile creation, social media enhancement, search engine optimization, and other marketing programs for no charge. That’s right, free!

Feet enthusiasts can view video or photo galleries of feet arranged according to model and niche interest. Albums of up to 50 or more images can sell for just under $10, making it one of the most affordable foot fetish sites.

>>Visit Feed Records, one of the best foot fetish websites for established models!

4. Foot-Fetish Toys – Amazing Life-Like Foot Lovers Toys


  • Sells much more than just feet pics
  • Buy realistic toys of full feet and legs
  • Custom create your own foot mold
  • Create custom smells too
  • Since 2005


  • More about toys than feet photos


  • $135-$1500, depending on foot fetish toys

Foot Fetish Toys gives you something well beyond just more foot pics. Ideally, you want to touch, kiss and fondle a foot…

And what better way to do that than silicone foot toys? The company handles both wholesale and retail transactions. You can buy foot and leg toys directly or buy quantities for model shows. 

All the toys are made from silicone, and the store also sells silicone hands or full bodies of models. Buy feet sex toys in sizes small, large, different colors, and even…

Yes, I kid you not… unique smells!

Foot Fetish Toys can even help you with custom designing your own foot mold at home or in-house.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! (Couldn’t resist that one – not sorry.)

Foot Fetish Toys is ideal for buyers who want an intimate sensory experience, as well as sellers who may want to give their customers a little extra.

>>See amazing, life-life foot fetish toys over at Foot-Fetish Toys!

5. Silicone Feet – Most Affordable Feet Lovers Toys


  • Foot fetishes toys at affordable prices
  • Lifelike silicone material
  • Fleshlight-style foot fetish toys
  • Half body & legs
  • Other body parts


  • Production + delivery time can sometimes be a wait


  • As low as $86

When it comes to selling feet pics, there’s nothing better than an enthusiastic model. Except, of course, having the ability to touch the foot, and that’s where a foot fetish site like Silicone Feet comes in.

Whether you’re looking for realistic and detailed feet, foot molds based on actual models, or sex toy foot products, this place has it all.

With prices as low as $86, Silicone-Feet offers some of the most affordable feet fetish toys online, but still at the same high-quality detail that true foot enthusiasts can appreciate.

>>Find out just how fun and affordable foot fetish sites can be at Silicone-Feet!

6. WikiFeet – Best Free Dedicated Foot Fetish Site


  • Free foot photos
  • Supportive community of foot enthusiasts
  • Free celebrity feet photos
  • Upload your feet photos & build an audience
  • WikiFeet for men too


  • Not a site for buying feet pics


  • Free

WikiFeet is basically the Wikipedia for foot fetish lovers! This free collaborative site has many free feet albums of celebrities, as well as amateur exhibitionists who love to show off their little piggies in a variety of poses.

In addition to thousands of free foot pics, you can also find videos hosted offsite on platforms like YouTube. Want to know who the most popular foot models on the site are? See who won the “Best Feet of the Year” and get a link to their foot model page.

The Wiki part of the title is true – here, you can get the most intimate details of all your favorite models. You can read information about birthplace, shoe size, birth date, and a summary of what all other users left behind in terms of ratings and comments.

Ultimately, this collaborative effort is a publicity project for the models, as well as an online social networking site for foot enthusiasts.

>>Come join a free online platform dedicated solely to feet pictures at WikiFeet!

7. Feetify – Best Foot Fetish Site for Selling Pictures & Making Fast Cash


  • Compete to win DAILY cash awards for foot pictures
  • Get paid 100% commission on your feet photos
  • Pay for premium membership in cryptocurrency
  • Stay as anonymous as you want
  • Free celebrity feet photos


  • Growing site with a smaller membership overall


  • $50-$500 daily payouts
  • Pay $49 for a year for Premium access
  • 100% commission

Feetify is the best foot fetish website for sellers – especially if you just want to make some fast cash and aren’t planning to become the next Gal Gardot of Feet.

While helping to promote your modeling name is all well and good, Feetify goes one “step” further (nyuk nyuk) by actually paying you for your original foot photos. 

You can sell your feet pictures to buyers for a good price, OR you can compete for cash awards given away every single day to site members and premium models. If you have a consistent posting schedule and take quality photos and videos, you can and will win cash prizes.

There’s plenty to love about Feetify and not just all those beautiful feet!

>>Get paid to post and sell your feet pics at Feetify!

Best Foot Fetish Sites FAQs

Got questions about foot pictures you’re afraid to ask? Let’s not tiptoe around the answers!

What is the most secure and reliable platform for selling buying feet pics?

The most secure and reliable platform for selling or buying feet pics is FeetFinder.

The site has a reputation for high security, anonymity if requested, and facilitating payment on time for its models.

This safe and reliable platform is also the most popular of feet fetish websites overall.

Can I make money selling feet pics?

Yes, you can make money selling feet pics and never have to take off any other clothes.

You can sell feet pictures directly using CashApp or OnlyFans. Or you can partner with the best foot fetish websites, such as FeetFinder, and get a commission from the website in exchange for publicizing your store.

Is having a foot fetish niche weird?

No, having a foot fetish niche isn’t weird. In fact, some studies have shown that one in seven individuals have a foot fetish, and it’s a fairly popular “niche,” all things considered.

What should I know about selling feet pictures online?

You should know that selling your feet pics online can be a lucrative business if you’re fully committed to the idea.

Choose a platform that’s heavily trafficked, and then start taking high-quality photos of your feet!

In general, top models who sell feet pics also write detailed descriptions to go along with the photos, such as themes, fantasies, or other fetish play.

Set your price (on average, people pay about $5-$10 per picture, with discounts for full albums.

You will also have to build a customer base over time, perhaps using free sites like WikiFeet.

Remember to be communicative and friendly with your customers, as this is what creates loyalty over time.

The Best Foot Fetish Sites Help you Connect to a Greater Community

foot fetish appLet’s face it, if you want high-quality content for pretty feet, you can’t just creep on Facebook photos. Even porn sites don’t hyper-focus on the feet as much as you’d like.

But custom foot fetishists’ sites can help you fulfill your ultimate fantasy.

I found FeetFinder the more useful of all fetish websites because of the way it connects people interested in selling feet pictures and buyers who want more custom content.

Whether you’re interested in the opportunity to sell feet pics or buy some gorgeous feet images you haven’t seen already, now is the time to wiggle your own toes in excitement.

Happy foot hunting!

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