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Bayonne City Council 2024: Key Developments, Budget, and Projects


Explore the latest updates on Bayonne City Council for 2024, covering leadership, budget allocations, major developments, infrastructure projects, and political dynamics shaping the city.

Key Takeaways
  • Gary La Pelusa retains his position as Council President.
  • The Council passed a $52.3 million temporary budget for 2024.
  • Major approvals include the Silk Loft East and West development projects.

Council Structure and Leadership

Councilman Gary La Pelusa continues to lead as the Bayonne City Council‘s president for 2024. Gary La Pelusa continues maintaining leadership stability within the council’s agendas and initiatives.

2024 Temporary Budget

The Council efficiently passed a temporary budget totaling $52,313,550 in their first meeting of the year, lasting about 15 minutes. This budget allocates $17,569,855 for debt service and $34,743,695 for operating expenses​​​​.

Major Developments and Approvals

Silk Loft Project

A significant development, the Silk Loft East and West, received the Council’s approval. Silk Loft East will be an 18-story building with 250 market-rate apartments, potentially the tallest in Bayonne. Silk Loft West, a six-story building, will offer 36 housing units. Both will contribute 2.5% of their property value to an affordable housing trust fund​​​​.

Union Labor and PILOTs

The unanimous approval of these projects was influenced by the developer’s commitment to using exclusively union labor. Additionally, an agreement on Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOTs) was established, offering tax breaks and directing payments to specific uses rather than the local taxing authority’s general fund​​.

Infrastructure and Services

A&L Disposal will continue as Bayonne’s trash and recycling collector for 2024, reflecting the Council’s commitment to maintaining essential city services​​.

Broader Development Trends in Bayonne

Developers are increasingly investing in Bayonne, with projects like the 22-story buildings at 26 North Street and a 26-story project from the Ramani Group in Harbor Station South Section. These developments indicate a trend towards upscaling the city’s landscape​​.

Long-Term Development: The Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor

Vision and Progress

Initially envisioned in 2009 as a residential and retail hub, this project aimed to include 100 buildings with 7,000 apartments. Although some developments have been completed, significant portions of the area remain undeveloped​​.

Controversy and Settlements

Past controversies, such as the unauthorized sale of land by the Redevelopment Authority to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, led to legal disputes. These were later resolved, with Bayonne settling various lawsuits and revising the redevelopment plan to a less ambitious scale​​.

Current State and Future Plans

The KRE Group has completed phases of the Bay 151 project, and Atlantic Realty opened 290 units in Bayonne Bay in 2021. Further development is ongoing, with expectations of additional units and retail spaces​​.

Mayoral Race Impact

The recent mayoral race saw incumbent Mayor Davis secure re-election. The City Council, under his administration, granted final approval for the first phase of Boraie’s revised project and preliminary approval for subsequent phases​​.

In 2024, the Bayonne City Council is focusing on significant development projects while ensuring fiscal responsibility. The temporary budget reflects a balance between operating expenses and debt service. Major developments like the Silk Lofts and Bayview plan indicate a shift towards upscale housing and commercial spaces, contributing to the city’s growth and modernization. The Council’s decisions demonstrate a commitment to both economic development and community enhancement.

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