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5 Best Roofing Companies in NJ 2024: New Jersey Contractor Pros & Cons

best roofing companies in NJ

New Jersey’s extreme climate (known for its harsh winters and stormy seasons) can pose roofing problems. If your roof isn’t in tiptop shape, it might end up leaky or damaged.

Ready to find the best roofing companies in NJ that can prepare or fix your roof for tough weather? Our guide will help you compare the top contractors – starting with our top pick Networx – so you can find the right one for you.


Best Roofing Companies in NJ

Overall best roofing companies in NJ Networx
Best for on-site estimates Thumbtack
Best for gutter services Roofing Pros (Billy.com)
Best for multiple quotes RoofingCosts.org (Quinstreet)
Most simple interface Roofing Campaign (Adopt-a-Contractor)


So, what does each service have to offer? Learn about these contractors’ advantages, drawbacks, customer feedback, and contact channels in our reviews. Although the #1 spot on our list goes to Networx, which solution will fit you best will depend on what you need.

1. Networx – Best Roofing Companies in NJ


  • Online platform matches you with local roofers
  • Select from different roofing services
  • Browse through reviews by other customers
  • Free quotes based on your zip code
  • Get roofing tips from the blog


  • It’s not a direct roofing company

Why Choose Networx?

Networx is at the top of our list because it doesn’t limit you to a single roofer. Instead, this search platform gives you the chance to choose from the best roofing companies in NJ. It connects you with nearby roofers in your local area, so you can easily access roofing solutions that fit your requirements.

Services Offered

Whether you need to fix your existing new roof or set up a new one, Networx has got you covered: there’s a wide range of repair and installation services; Plus, it allows you to compare price estimates by different contractors, by providing quotes online.


Networx garnered an impressive average rating on Trustpilot – 4.8 out of 5 stars, out of almost 8,800 reviews. In case you’re curious if previous Networx customers are happy with the services of the contractors, you can check out their reviews and profiles on the platform.


You can communicate with New Jersey roofers through the Networx platform. Want to reach out to Networx itself? Then, you can call the toll-free number or fill out the form at the company’s website.


As our favorite in this roundup, Networx has an edge over other competitors: this matching platform presents you with a list of several best roofing companies in NJ. This makes it easy for you to hire contractors who can solve your roofing problems or install a brand-new roof in your New Jersey home (while sticking to your budget in the process).*

2. Thumbtack – Best for On-Site Estimates


  • Free or affordable on-the-spot roofing estimates
  • Easy to find nearby roofers
  • Features top contractors
  • Provides ratings and reviews
  • FAQ section can come in handy


  • It’s not an actual roofing company

Why Choose Thumbtack?

If you want an on-site roofing quote, Thumbtack could be your best bet. Many contractors on the platform can go to your home to conduct an on-the-scene estimate (some even offer this service for free while others charge a reasonable fee). To speed up your search, this platform simplifies the way that you look for the best roofing companies in NJ.

Services Offered

Thumbtack is no slouch when it comes to roofing services – which include roof repair, maintenance, and installation for New Jersey homeowners like you.


Thumbtack got a pretty good score on Trustpilot: 4.1 out of 5 stars, from an average of almost 5,800 reviews. To see how the roofers on the platform fared, you can browse through the reviews (with ratings too) which other clients have posted.


It’s possible to get in touch with the roofing contractors through the Thumbtack platform. As for the company itself, you should sign in first, then contact customer support through the website.


We give Thumbtack a thumbs up because a lot of the contractors are willing to go to your house to check out your roof just to give an estimate. In addition, this search platform gives you the chance to take your pick from a variety of best roofing companies in NJ near you.

>>Find roofing contractors on Thumbtack

3. Roofing Pros (Billy.com) – Best for Gutter Services


  • Specializes in gutter cleaning and repair
  • Broad range of roofing solutions
  • Informative blog for homeowners
  • Different ways to contact the company


  • It takes more time to search for contractors than other platforms

Why Choose Roofing Pros (Billy.com)?

Is your roof’s gutter giving you trouble? In that case, Roofing Pros by Billy.com is a good match. It can connect you with contractors who can fix or clean your gutters… keeping them from getting blocked and causing water damage. The platform guides you step by step as you search for the best roofing companies in NJ, although the search isn’t as instant as Networx.

Services Offered

While Roofing Pros shines the spotlight on its gutter services, it’s got a lot more to offer when it comes to roofing solutions. Here are some examples of other roofing services: roof cleaning, removal, replacement, and repairs.


In general, Billy.com has mixed reviews online. Still, some customers share that they are happy with the company’s customer service.


You can coordinate with the contractors through Billy.com, while you can contact the company in more ways than one – through phone, email, or even snail mail.


Roofing Pros by Billy.com might be a good solution if you want to make sure your gutter is working properly (and not blocked up by leaves and other debris). As a bonus, you can also turn to this platform if you need to have your whole roof – not just the gutter part – repaired or cleaned.

>>Find roofing contractors on Roofing Pros (Billy.com)

4. RoofingCosts.org (Quinstreet) – Best for Multiple Quotes


  • Get several quotes in a single request
  • Search for contractors using your zip code
  • You can schedule roof inspections
  • Contractors will give advice on roofing materials


  • Website lacks some basic information on services

Why Choose RoofingCosts.org (Quinstreet)?

RoofingCosts.org – which is part of Quinstreet – lets you save time by providing you with several roofing quotes in one go. Aside from making it easy to decide which option is the most cost-effective, it also helps you find the best roofing companies in NJ that are close by, simply by entering your zip code.

Services Offered

You can have your roof inspected by the contractors, who can also guide you in selecting the right materials for your roof. When you scroll through the homepage, however, It’s not immediately clear what other services the roofers offer (whether it be roof maintenance or repairs).


There’s barely any customer reviews of Quinstreet or RoofingCosts.org online, but the company does assure its clients that it’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau (or BBB, for short).


You can use the RoofingCosts.org platform to reach out to roofing contractors; if you have questions or concerns, just select the inquiry option on the company website or call the California-based number.


Quinstreet’s RoofingCosts.org streamlines the way you ask for price estimates: you’ll get a list of quotes by requesting only once. This gives you a clear overview of how the potential costs compare to each other… so you can decide which of the best roofing companies in NJ matches your budget.

>>Find roofing contractors on RoofingCosts.org (Quinstreet)

5. Roofing Campaign (Adopt-a-Contractor) – Most Simple Interface


  • User-friendly website design
  • Contractors can work on your home or business venue’s roof
  • Assists you in finding nearby roofers
  • Focuses on specific parts of your roof


  • There’s not much information on the website
  • Minimal contact channels

Why Choose Roofing Campaign (Adopt-a-Contractor)?

Adopt-a-Contractor’s Roofing Campaign has a no-frills website that you can easily browse, which can be refreshing if you’re overwhelmed by cluttered, complex platforms. All you need to do is enter your zip code – and pick which part of your roof you’re concerned about – to see which of the best roofing companies in NJ are available in your area.

Services Offered

Contractors from Roofing Campaign can work on the roof of your house or commercial building in New Jersey. You can request for repairs or installation for your entire roof or even just a section of it (like the skylight or gutter).


You won’t find much customer reviews about Adopt-a-Contractor online; but, it does have a high trust rating of 92 out of 100 on ScamAdviser.com.


To connect with a roofer, just use the Adopt-a-Contractor platform. While there’s no phone number or email available on the website, you can follow the company’s social media channels (and message them there if you like).


Roofing Campaign by Adopt-a-Contractor keeps its platform interface very simple; even if you’re a newbie who’s not so tech-savvy, it’s easy to look for the best roofing companies in NJ to fix or install your roof for your New Jersey home or business spot.

>>Find roofing contractors on Roofing Campaign (Adopt-a-Contractor)

Signs You Need Roof Repair From the Best Roofing Companies in NJ

How do you know you need to get your roof fixed? Keep your eyes sharp, so you can spot these signs right away:

Natural Damage

Over time, your roof can suffer wear-and-tear the more it gets exposed to the elements. Is it often battered by wind, rain, or too much sunlight? Then, you might notice missing, cracked, or curled shingles.

If it frequently snows where you live, be wary of ice dams that can create water pools that could cause more damage. Also, check for moss or algae growth; these might be signs that your roof has moisture problems.

Installation Issues

If your roof wasn’t installed correctly, it might wear down earlier than it’s supposed to. What are other consequences of poor installation? Well, your roof might end up with uneven shingle lines, gaps, or loose materials…which could lead to even more serious problems (like leaks or structural damage).

Take note if your roof looks or acts strangely in any way: this could mean it wasn’t installed properly.


Leaks – like water stains on the ceiling and damp rafters or insulation in the attic – are clear signs that your roof needs a repair job. Did you know that even small leaks can lead to bigger headaches down the line? That’s why you should nip this problem in the bud.

Improper Ventilation

If you want your roof to last long, you ought to make sure it’s well-ventilated. Here are some signs of poor ventilation: high energy bills, peeling paint near the roofline, and too much heat in the upper parts of your home during summer.

Bad ventilation can also lead to moisture buildup, which can weaken your roof’s structures and its materials.

>>Find roofing contractors on Networx

How To Choose a NJ Roofing Contractor

When it comes to choosing from among the best roofing companies in NJ, there’s definitely a lot at stake; after all, it can impact the quality of your roof and how long it will last. Keep these things in mind before making up your mind.

Lifetime Warranty

For starters: look for the best roofing companies in NJ that offer a lifetime warranty on their work. Why? This shows they have confidence in the skills of their roofers, as well as the quality of the materials they use.

A lifetime warranty can give peace of mind – when you know you’re covered if there are any issues down the line. Make sure you understand the warranty (plus any conditions or limitations).

Full Transparency

A reputable contractor should be fully transparent about all aspects of your roofing project. For example, the company should share these things: a clear and detailed quote, a project timeline, and information about the materials and techniques the team will use.

In short, the contractor should communicate openly and on time, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Reviews and Ratings

Want to know how reliable the contractor is and how good the workmanship is? Check out reviews and ratings from customers – whether on independent websites, social media, or local New Jersey forums – who’ve actually tried the company’s services before.

Aside from confirming if the clients are happy with the roofing work, pay attention also to how the contractor handles customer service and any issues brought to the team’s attention.

Services Offered by the Best Roofing Companies in NJ

The best roofing companies in NJ (like Networx) usually offer a lot of services to meet the different needs of their clients. And what are the most popular services? Let’s take a closer look at these common roofing solutions.

Roof Installation

Need a new roof for your home? The top New Jersey roofing contractors can install them. Whether you’re building a new home or adding an extension, they can provide expert advice on the best materials and styles that fits your property and climate.

When you say “installation,” this can cover everything from initial design and material selection to the final installation.

Roof Repair

Let’s face it: you need roof repair services when you run into annoying (but unavoidable) issues like leaks, damaged shingles, or daily wear-and-tear. The best roofing companies in NJ can handle small fixes to major repairs, so your roof will be in good enough condition to protect your home.

Roof Replacement

But what happens if roof fixes aren’t enough anymore? In that case, you probably need to shell out for a full roof replacement. After assessing the situation, roofing companies in New Jersey can remove your old roof, prepare the structure, and finally, install a new, durable one.

Roof Maintenance

If you want to extend your roof’s lifespan and avoid costly repairs, you ought to maintain your roof regularly. Here are some examples of maintenance services: regular inspections, cleaning, sealing, and minor repairs. These will help you pinpoint potential issues early on and keep your roof in proper condition.

Emergency Roofing Services

When you face urgent roofing problems – like storm damage or sudden leaks – the best roofing companies in NJ offer emergency services. By responding quickly and making repairs ASAP, they can help keep your roof from getting even more damaged… or completely falling apart.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Roof in New Jersey?

To calculate how much you must invest in a new roof, don’t forget to take these factors into account: the size and type of roof you want and the materials you like. As an example, an energy-saving roof that reflects more sunlight is pricier than a traditional roof.

Don’t forget that labor costs make a huge difference too since it also depends on your location (for instance, New Jersey roofers may charge differently from roofing companies Portland, Oregon).

To give a rough estimate, most homeowners in New Jersey usually pay between $4,000 and $12,000 for a full roof replacement.

Instead of guessing though, you can get a more accurate estimate by requesting a quote from the best roofing companies in NJ, based on your roof replacement needs.

>>Find roofing contractors on Networx

Tips for Maintaining a Roof in NJ

If you live in New Jersey, it’s definitely a must to maintain your home’s roof, given that the weather in the state ranges from hot summers to snowy winters. So, follow these tips to keep your roof in great shape.

Gutter Maintenance

Clogged gutters can cause water to accumulate, which might damage your roof, siding, and foundation. Regular cleaning (especially after fall and spring) ensures that water can flow freely away from your home.

Cleaning and Debris Removal

Get rid of debris – like leaves, branches, and other materials – that can pile up on your roof. This debris can trap moisture… leading to mold, rot, and deterioration of roofing materials. Plus, a clean roof also makes it easier to inspect the area and spot potential issues.

Addressing Small Repairs Promptly

Don’t ignore small issues; a missing shingle, a small leak, or minor damage can quickly escalate into a bigger problem. By promptly addressing minor problems, you could prevent even worse and more costly damage in the future.

Professional Maintenance Services

If you’re serious about maintaining your roof, consider hiring any of the best roofing companies in NJ. They have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively conduct maintenance tasks (especially those that might be difficult or dangerous for homeowners to do themselves).

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections – at least once or twice a year – can help you pinpoint potential problems before they become serious. Inspections are important, especially after extreme weather events like heavy snowfall or storms; these can cause immediate and sometimes hidden damage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Companies in NJ

Do you still have questions about the best roofing companies in NJ? Then, take a look at our answers to some favorite questions below.

What Is the Most Common Roof Type in New Jersey?

The most popular roof type in New Jersey is the asphalt shingle roof; a lot of homeowners like it because it’s affordable and long-lasting. Plus, it’s flexible since you can use it for various architectural styles.

How Long Do Roofs Last in NJ?

In New Jersey homes, roofs usually last between 20 to 30 years, depending on what material they’re made from. Other factors – like weather conditions, maintenance, and the quality of installation – can affect a roof’s lifespan, too.

Do Roofing Companies Provide Warranties for Their Work?

Yes, some of the best roofing companies in NJ provide warranties for their work; these warranties often cover both materials and labor, although their actual terms and how long they last may vary.

Are Roofing Contractors Licensed and Insured in New Jersey?

Yes: in New Jersey, roofing contractors are required to have proper accreditation and insurance. The right license shows they follow state standards for quality and safety. On top of this, insurance protects homeowners from liability if they encounter accidents and damages.

Can I Finance a Roofing Project?

Yes, some of the best roofing companies in NJ offer financing options for roofing projects. For example, certain companies have flexible payment plans; additionally, banks and financial institutions also provide home improvement loans (which you can use for roofing projects).

How Often Should Roof Inspections and Maintenance Be Conducted?

Ideally, you ought to schedule roof inspections and maintenance at least once a year. After major weather events like heavy storms or snowfall, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected as well to check for any damages. Some of the best roofing companies in NJ offer reliable storm restoration services.

Final Note on the Best Roofing Companies in NJ

Your roof literally keeps your home comfortable and dry, so you shouldn’t skimp on getting it fixed or maintained… especially given the extreme climate in New Jersey.

While Networx is our favorite roofing search platform, all the best roofing companies in NJ we featured here bring something to the table – whether in terms of expertise, customer service, or cost-effective roofing solutions. It’s up to you to choose the fitting option to keep your home safe and sound through all seasons.

*Upon application, customer information will be submitted to Networx and Networx Buyers and users are consenting to contact by Networx, Networx Buyers and any other service professionals via calls, texts, and emails using artificial voice calls, pre-recorded calls, or calls placed with the assistance of auto-dialer technology at the telephone number and email address provided. Such consent is not a condition of purchasing any property, goods or services.