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Blue Violets Dispensary Launches in Hoboken Despite Legal Obstacles

Hoboken's Blue Violets

Blue Violets, a new microdispensary at 628 Washington Street in uptown Hoboken, has finally opened its doors after several months of preparation by co-owners Lauren Chang Thompson and Max Thompson.

Key Takeaways
  • Blue Violets has opened its doors at 628 Washington Street with limited hours and by appointment only due to ongoing legal battles.
  • The dispensary’s opening follows a contentious legal dispute with the local activist group Hoboken for Responsible Cannabis (HRC) regarding school proximity.
  • Despite the challenges, the community has shown strong support for Blue Violets. As they settle, the owners plan to expand hours and offerings.

Blue Violets’ Challenging Path to Opening in Hoboken

It’s been a challenging journey for Blue Violets, Hoboken’s newest microdispensary. Owned by Lauren Chang Thompson and Max Thompson, the dispensary is located at 628 Washington Street and celebrated a quiet opening aligned with the cannabis-centric ‘holiday’ on April 20th.

Despite the celebratory launch, the path to opening was fraught with legal battles and regulatory hurdles.

In fall 2023, a Hudson County judge challenged the Hoboken Planning Board’s previous approval of Blue Violets, responding to a lawsuit from HRC.

This group has contested the dispensary’s proximity to local schools, sparking a debate over city zoning laws. This culminated in a temporary judicial stay in January 2024, allowing the store to open pending further legal proceedings.

We are cautiously optimistic,” Lauren said. “The final ruling could go against us, or the stay could be revoked, so we’re just trying to do our best in the meantime.

Lauren emphasized the ongoing need for Hoboken to resolve legal ambiguities around school proximity laws, a topic that was notably removed from the City Council’s agenda in February.

What to Expect When Visiting Blue Violets

Blue Violets operates by appointment only, open Tuesday to Friday from 5 PM to 8 PM and weekends from 11 AM to 8 PM. Early patrons have expressed enthusiasm and support for the dispensary, echoing a sense of community involvement and curiosity.

Everyone who has come through has been excited and curious. We felt like we were really a part of the community and interacting with neighbors. People are happy for us to be open.

The appointments offer a personalized shopping experience, where Max and Lauren guide customers through the selection process. “It’s a lot of education,” Lauren added. “We work with the customer to make a good selection. It’s a lot of one-on-one time with people.”

Blue Violets Eyes Growth Amid Legal Uncertainties

Despite the initial success and community support, the pending litigation looms large, threatening potential closure.

Blue Violets hopes to extend its operating hours and expand its staff as it becomes more established.

The ongoing legal issues continue to cause uncertainty, but Max and Lauren remain hopeful. The store features products from Ascend, a New Jersey-based dispensary, and plans to broaden its inventory as operations stabilize.

In summary, Blue Violets has managed to open its doors amidst a complicated legal landscape, offering a beacon of community engagement and responsible cannabis use in Hoboken.

The future holds promise and challenges, with the community and city’s legal frameworks playing critical roles in shaping its path forward.

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