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Jersey City Council approves new towing fees

Class III vehicle fees were increased, along with allowing additional service fees

The new towing fee changes were approved by the Jersey City Council.

Getting your car towed in Jersey City will cost you more after the City Council approved changes in towing fees at their July 13 meeting.

The new fee changes, which were adopted unanimously with Councilman Daniel Rivera absent that night, will see the maximum fees for Class III vehicles increase, while also allowing towers to charge for extra services.

The towing fees for Class III vehicles within the city will increase from $225 to $250 per hour (with a minimum of two hours). It will still include a $40 administrative fee.

Towers will also be allowed to charge for extra services “that may be required above the basic towing charge.” The following fees are:

  • Decoupling:
    • $25 (up to 10,000 pounds)
    • $100 (over 10,000 pounds)
  • Jump start: $25
  • Flat tire: $25
  • Lock out: $25
  • Road service: $25
  • Gasoline/fuel service: $25, in addition to gasoline/fuel costs
  • Crash or window wrap: $75 flat fee
  • Site clean up: $25 per bag of absorbent and $25 per bag of debris removal
  • Winching (not applicable to the towing of parked automobiles or minor maneuvering of automobiles prior to tow):
    • $75 per hour for light tow vehicles (up to 10,000 pounds)
    • $150 per hour for heavy tow vehicles (over 10,000 pounds)
  • Snow locked vehicles: $50 per tow additional charge
  • Rotator/crane recovery unit service: $1,200 per hour
  • Tarp: $125

According to the ordinance, any fees charged for services or equipment not specified in the new changes will be in accordance with and not in excess of rates approved and used by the New Jersey State Police.

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