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Guttenberg Arts Gallery posts online content to distract from COVID-19

The Gallery has posted interviews with former resident artists on YouTube

A screenshot featuring 2019 artist-in-residence Robert Lach.

Guttenberg Arts Gallery remains closed for social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fill of their unique brand of arts and information. The Arts Gallery recently posted a message of hope on April 14, addressed to the Guttenberg Arts Community.

“We hope you are all in good health and staying safe in these difficult times,” the letter read. “We look forward to reopening our doors as soon possible, but will continue to remain closed until further notice in accordance with NJ State during this unprecedented public health emergency.”

The doors are closed at the Guttenberg Arts Gallery, but that’s okay because the content has moved online. For North Hudson residents plagued by boredom or stress during the ongoing pandemic, the online content from the Guttenberg Arts Gallery may provide a distraction.

“To take your mind off of current events, we have rejuvenated our YouTube Channel and have begun to post interviews and artist talks with our past artists in residence,” the letter continued. “Please enjoy this trip down memory lane beginning with conversations featuring our Summer 2019 Artists in Residence: Habib HajallieRobert LachDennis Redmoon Darkeem and Napoles Marty.”

So far, there are four videos posted in total, one for each artist. The videos range from nine to twenty minutes, featuring in depth conversations with each artist mentioned above regarding the inner workings of their mind.

Chris Tsakis helped the artists get “Out of Their Heads” in the aforementioned Guttenberg Arts web series that shares the same name. The videos were taped at the July 27 opening at the Guttenberg Arts Gallery in 2019.

Prior to the revamp of the Guttenberg Arts YouTube page, the last video posted was approximately three years ago.

It seems that one somewhat unforeseen after effect of the COVID-19 pandemic will be the greater embrace of technology by a number of businesses and services seeking to survive in the “new normal.”

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