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Secaucus ordinance would bond millions for new senior center

A public hearing is set for the town council's August meeting

The Secaucus Council meets in person, monthly, at Town Hall at 1203 Paterson Plank Rd.

The Secaucus Town Council has introduced an ordinance that would authorize the use of over $9 million in capital bonds for various public improvements. The $9,644,000 bond ordinance was introduced by the council at its July 27 meeting.

“This is our capital bond,” Mayor Michael Gonnelli said. “A lot of the money you’re going to see there is for the new senior center on Irving Street.”

A public hearing for the ordinance is scheduled for the council’s August meeting. For more information, go to secaucusnj.gov and click on the event on the calendar webpage.

New senior center

The most expensive item in the bond ordinance is for the construction of a new senior center, allotting $7,818,670 to cover the estimated cost.

“That number looks large, but the number is going to come down some,” Gonnelli said. “We got some grant money. And we got some money that we are going to be using from other areas.”

The ordinance allocates $510,000 for the estimated cost of storm sewer and flood mitigation control improvements at a number of locations and the installation of an automatic pump cleaner at the High School Storm Sewer Pump Station.

The ordinance also allots $308,550 for the resurfacing of various roads; $380,000 in supplemental funding for the construction of a passive park on Farm Road; and $189,080 for the estimated costs of other various improvements to public buildings and facilities.

New cars and equipment

The ordinance authorizes the purchase of new, additional, or replacement equipment and machinery; new information technology and telecommunications equipment and machinery; new communication and signal systems equipment; and new automotive vehicles, including original apparatus and equipment.

Replacement equipment for the DPW account will be an estimated $42,000. New information technology and communications equipment in Town departments, offices and agencies account for an estimated $17,700. The installation of fire alarm systems at various Fire houses is estimated at $18,000.

A total of $278,000 will account for the estimated cost of the purchase of an SUV, alcotest upgrade equipment, data switches and other equipment, computerized ticketing equipment for Parking Enforcement Officers for the Police Department; a dump truck for the Department of Public Works (DPW); a pickup truck for Buildings and Grounds; an SUV for the Construction Department; treadmills for the Recreation Department; and an SUV for the Bureau of Fire Prevention.

More dough for Fire Department

In late July, Rep. Bill Pascrell announced the Secaucus Fire Department would receive a $42k grant, on top of a $14k grant received earlier in the month.

Also at the July meeting, the council adopted an ordinance bonding $870,000 to cover the cost of a new pumper fire engine, including original apparatus and equipment.

A resolution was approved authorizing the execution of a contract with KME REV Group for the purchase of KME Fire Apparatus.

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