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Sacco and Stack move to protect Palisades Cliffs

New legislation would limit the height of structures

The Palisades Cliffs are nearly 200 million years old.

Hudson County legislators have moved to protect the Palisade Cliffs. The bill is sponsored by state Senators Brian Stack and Nicholas Sacco.

Stack represents District 33 which encompasses Union City, Weehawken, Hoboken, and parts of Jersey City. Sacco represents District 32 which includes North Bergen, West New York, Secaucus, Kearny, Edgewater and Fairview. In addition to being state Senators, Stack is the Mayor of Union City and Sacco is the Mayor of North Bergen.

Limiting the height of new construction

The amended “Palisades Cliffs Protection Act,” introduced by Stack and Sacco on Dec. 10, aims to limit the height of any development below the cliffs east of Palisade Avenue in Hudson and Bergen counties. Palisade Avenue extends from Jersey City in Hudson County to the south to Fort Lee in Bergen County to the north.

Under the amended bill, no structures, including those with mechanical elements on top, could be higher than ten feet below the cliffs, or ten feet below Palisade Avenue.

The bill was introduced by the duo in June. However, that legislation was withdrawn and replaced by the amended bill when it was introduced on Dec. 10.

The amended bill would protect the unique views enjoyed by residents who live in the historic neighborhoods above the cliffs, and preserve the topographical features and the natural character of the Palisades. It would apply to all proposed structures in the applicable area, except for those that have received required government approvals as of the effective date.

The legislation, if approved, would take effect immediately.

“The Palisades Cliffs Protection Act would permanently prevent development threats against a true natural wonder right in our backyard and would ensure that generations to come will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the cliffs,” according to a joint statement by Sacco and Stack.

They continued: “We believe that protecting this precious natural resource is of paramount importance and that this bill should be supported by environmentalists, those interested in historic preservation, and anyone who shares our commitment to protecting this unique natural feature of Hudson and Bergen counties.”

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