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Union City launches virtual court via Zoom for some cases

Trials will still be conducted at the municipal courthouse

Court has Zoomed back in session in Union City, despite the current COVID-19 restrictions still in place. And while Gov. Phil Murphy has lifted some closures, in-person court appearances has not yet made the list of reinstated services.

To help keep foot traffic at the courthouse at a minimum during the COVID-19 pandemic, Union City Municipal Court will begin allowing appearances in a virtual court session using Zoom video conferencing.

At the start of the pandemic, many courthouses closed to prevent the further spread of the virus, including Union City. Now the city is reopening municipal court.

Trials cannot be Zoomed

Those choosing to appear in the virtual court session will not have to appear at the courthouse. This option is voluntary and will be available for most court matters. However, trials must be conducted at the municipal courthouse.

Residents interested in appearing in the virtual court must submit the necessary form. The municipal court will schedule the matter in the virtual court, and will send an email confirmation with instructions on how to participate.

The court advised attorneys that they may use this form to request a virtual court date for their clients as well as enter their appearances upon receipt of office information and client information.

The forms to apply for virtual court sessions are available to residents in both English and Spanish.

Other municipalities across Hudson County are also opening their courts again online, through Zoom video conferences. Jersey City officials recently announced that DUI cases, code enforcement, traffic, parking, and minor criminal offenses can begin being heard on Zoom.

For more information on Union City Municipal Court, visit ucnj.com or call (201) 348-5763.

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