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Weehawken plans $2.6 million bond

The bond would support various projects for recreation and the purchase of new police equipment

The Weehawken Township Council met in person but also offered virtual viewing options for its Jan. 26 meeting.

The Weehawken council has introduced an ordinance that would issue bonds for $2.6 million for various municipal projects, including recreation facility upgrades and new police equipment.

The council voted unanimously to introduce the ordinance at its Jan. 26 meeting. Approximately $1.6 million would go toward improvements to the municipal waterfront pool complex among other park upgrades, according to Mayor Richard Turner.

“Part of it is going to be the bubble. We’re putting the bubble over it for fall, winter and early spring,” Turner said. “And then there are also various park and playground improvements.”

Of the nearly $1.6 million, approximately $800,000 would be for the resurfacing of Weehawken Stadium and another approximately $600,000 would be for the installation of the “bubble” over the pool. The remaining approximately $200,000 would go toward the various park upgrades. However, the “bubble” may not be ready this year until after the weather renders it unnecessary.

“The bubble is very difficult because you can’t get any supplies for it,” Turner said. “So we were hoping to have it partially opened, but we don’t think we’re going to because of the delay in materials and supplies.”

The “bubble” may likely be ready by next winter, however. In regards to the resurfacing at Weehawken Stadium, Turner said it would start as soon as the weather allows following the ordinance’s adoption.

“The repairs will start as soon as the weather let’s up,” Turner said. “We have to try and get it done before the middle of March when baseball season starts. If not, we’ll make arrangements with the neighboring town, as we let them come to our stadium when they’re doing their repairs and resurfacing. It’s an $800,000 job.”

The field is now overdue for a resurfacing, according to Turner: “We stretched it to be 12 years, it’s usually only good for ten years.”

Police equipment and emergency IT services

Under the bond ordinance, approximately $980,000 would go toward communications upgrades to the Weehawken Police Department.

“The police department is in need of a complete communications upgrade,” Turner said. “It’s very expensive, they need new radios and new repeating systems. It is very expensive, it costs $980,000 for an entirely new system.”

Another $20,000 is included in the bond that will support the purchase of new furniture for the police.

“The other part is for furniture for the police annex,” Turner said. “The total bond will be $2.6 million.”

The council also passed a separate resolution authorizing emergency IT services for approximately $28,000.

“This was because our system crashed,” Turner said. “We had to spend $28,338 to get the system back up.”

The ordinances introduced will be up for a vote and public hearing at the next Weehawken Township Council meeting.

The council will meet next on Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Second Floor Council Chambers in the Municipal Building at 400 Park Avenue. Members of the public can attend in person of via Zoom. For more information, go to weehawken-nj.us.

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