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Weehawken’s Welcomes New Dining Gems Drift & Beneci’s

Weehawken’s latest dining experiences at Drift Restaurant & Bar and Beneci’s offer nostalgic tastes, stunning views, and an unforgettable ambiance.

Key Takeaways
  • Drift Restaurant & Bar is set to open at the former Houlihan location, promising a fresh waterfront dining experience with innovative cuisine and breathtaking views.
  • Beneci continues to enchant with its Italian-American classics against the New York City skyline backdrop, embodying the essence of nostalgic dining.
  • The arrival of Drift and the enduring appeal of Beneci’s highlight Weehawken’s growth as a prime destination for food lovers and those seeking remarkable culinary experiences with scenic views.

Weehawken’s Latest Dining Sensations

Weehawken is about to get a new place to dine, Drift Restaurant & Bar. This spot is all about giving people a taste of the good old days and amazing views. It’s opening where Houlihan’s used to be in Lincoln Harbor. They’re planning to make eating by the water something really special.

The Arrival of Drift Restaurant & Bar

Drift Restaurant & Bar is set up at 1200 Harbor Boulevard by the beautiful Hudson River. This place is known for its great views, like the spot where Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had their famous showdown and full of history. Jeremy Casilli, the guy who started Hudson & Co. in Jersey City, among other popular places, is leading this new project. They’ve already started building to create a welcoming outdoor area for eating and a lively, new look that’s taking over from what Houlihan’s left behind. The exact date it’ll open isn’t clear yet, but there’s a lot of excitement for what it will bring to Weehawken’s places to eat.

The Charm of Beneci’s

As Drift Restaurant & Bar prepares to splash in Weehawken, Beneci’s keeps winning hearts with its cozy Italian-American classics, all in front of the stunning New York City skyline. This place is like a time machine, taking you back with every bite into a world where the joy of eating meets breathtaking views. Beneci’s, known for its top-notch food and vibe, continues to be a go-to for anyone after an unforgettable meal in Weehawken.

Drift Restaurant & Bar and Beneci’s are shining examples of what makes Weehawken special for food lovers and scenery seekers. With Drift about to join the scene, it’s boosting Weehawken’s reputation as the ultimate spot for tasty adventures and eye-catching sights. This shift in Lincoln Harbor’s food scene shows off the lively spirit of Weehawken and its evolution into a haven for outstanding dining experiences.

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