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Little Free Library coming to WNY

Small book exchanges will be in parks in June

Little Free Library's book exchanges are heading to WNY parks this June.

Little Free Library book exchanges are coming to all West New York parks beginning the first week of June, Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez and the Board of Commissioners announced.

Little Free Library (LFL) is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve book access by fostering neighborhood book exchange boxes around the world in hopes of inspiring a love of reading and building community. 

The LFL received the 2020 World Literacy Award and has been recognized by the Library of Congress, the National Book Foundation, and others for its dedication to expanding book access. For more information, go to LittleFreeLibrary.org

The LFL’s is the world’s largest book exchange program with over 100,000 units in over 100 countries. West New York will now join the movement to share books, bring people together, and create a community of readers.

‘Take a book and share a book’

“Little Free Library is a great community program that we are proud to be a part of,” said Rodriguez. “Encouraging our residents to read, come together as a community, and spend time at our beautiful parks is a win any way you look at it. We want our residents to take a book and share a book with their neighbors.”

West New York will provide residents with the first round of books, from early childhood books to novels for adults. Providing various genres will allow readers to find a books that they enjoy while allowing them to share another book that another resident can fall in love with.

“Book sharing is a great way to bring people together and create a sense of community,” said Commissioner Victor M. Barrera. “We are confident that this program will bring our residents closer together and allow them to enjoy a new experience by reading and sharing books with their neighbors.”

“After being approached by Commissioner Barrera, I could not have been happier to hear that our great community will be able to become even more connected through the Little Free Libraries,” added Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo. “Reading is an amazing way to learn and indulge in a new story that they may have never heard about if it was not for the Little Free Library program.”

For more information about West New York’s LFL book exchanges and other community programs, visit www.westnewyorknj.org.

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