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North Bergen offers free parking to encourage residents to stay at home

Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis

North Bergen gives residents free parking amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

North Bergen is removing one worry from residents’ shoulders amid the COVID-19 pandemic: the need to find parking.

In a March 25 COVID-19 update, all parking ticketing remains suspended throughout the township. No parking tickets will be issued until further notice.

While the township is not ticketing for the street sweeper, if residents are able to move their vehicles they are asked to do so to allow for the streets to remain clean.

To help encourage residents to stay home, Mayor Nicholas Sacco, the Board of Commissioners, the North Bergen School District and the Parking Authority have made hundreds of additional parking spaces available free to the public.

These expanding parking options are for North Bergen resident parking only and resident parking permits are required. No commercial vehicles are allowed.

Parking is permitted only in designated areas, and residents are asked to adhere to the posted signs.

The measures are designed to prevent residents from needing to leave their homes to move their cars for fear of getting tickets or to pay the meter, among other parking related reasons.

Parking locations

These locations are available for resident parking across the township: the Recreation Center parking lot at 6300 Meadowview Avenue, the Senior Center parking lot at 1441 45th Street, the 46th Street Field Recreation parking lot, the 74th Street and Broadway parking lot, 38th Street and Liberty Avenue parking lot, and the 39th Street and Liberty Avenue parking lot.

Schools are opening their parking lots to residents. The North Bergen High School parking lot at 7417 Kennedy Blvd. and the Robert Fulton Annex School parking lot at 7111 Polk St. will be free for residents only.

Spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Residents are advised to be considerate of neighbors during this difficult time and do not take up spaces if there is space available elsewhere.

For more information, visit the Parking Authority website at http://www.northbergenparkingauthority.com. All email inquiries should be sent to helpdesk@nbpaonline.org.

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