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Secaucus introduces 2022 calendar year budget

Revenues are still down, but ARP monies will address the losses

The Secaucus Town Council meets in person in the council chambers nearly twice each month.

Secaucus has introduced its 2022 calendar year budget. This year’s budget totals $64,203,932.17.

The Secaucus Town Council voted unanimously to introduce the roughly $64 million budget at its May 10 meeting. The public hearing on the budget will be on June 28 at 7 p.m. in the municipal chambers of Town Hall at 1203 Paterson Plank Road in Secaucus. For more information, go to secaucusnj.gov.

Town still coping with revenue loss

Following the introduction of the budget, Town Administrator Gary Jeffas broke down budget in an interview with the Hudson Reporter. Jeffas said the council can now adjust the budget if they so choose.

“Our budget is introduced, so it goes to the council now,” Jeffas said. “It’s their budget now and if they want to cut anything else from it they can.”

According to Jeffas, the town is still coping with revenue loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, like last year, the town will use $1,145,754.33, the other half of its $2,291,508.66 total American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. Previously, the town applied the first half, $1,145,754.33, to the 2021 budget back in October.

“We are going to use our American Rescue Plan funds for revenue losses from our hotel tax and our parking lot taxes,” Jeffas said. “Those revenues were hit hard. So we are using those funds in this year’s budget.”

Small tax increase incoming?

Jeffas said there would likely be a tax increase this year, although that isn’t set in stone as the council is now reviewing it.

“There is going to be a tax increase, but that’s not finalized because now the budget goes to the council,” Jeffas said. “They need to look at it, and determine if there’s anything else they want to cut or change. I think there will definitely be a small tax increase. And most of that is related to COVID-19, contractual salary increases, and increases in our health insurance.”

Overall, Jeffas said the town was in a good position all things considered.

“The budget looks pretty good so far for this year,” Jeffas said. “As of now, the final number won’t be set until they hold the budget hearing and adopt it.”

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