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2023-24 NBA Dunks: Season’s Best and Historic Slams

2023-24 NBA Top Dunks

The 2023-24 NBA season has been marked by Anthony Edwards’ electrifying dunk over John Collins, setting a new standard for in-game dunks.

Meanwhile, historic slams by legends like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan continue to inspire basketball fans worldwide.

Key Takeaways
  • Anthony Edwards’ dunk over John Collins stands as the season’s highlight.
  • Legendary dunks by Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan remain unforgettable.
  • Dunks are a mix of athletic brilliance, strategic execution, and the will to dominate.

NBA’s Greatest Dunks of the 2023-24 Season

The NBA 2023-24 season has been quite impressive, with numerous memorable dunks, but a few stand out for their sheer audacity and execution.

Let’s dive into the top dunks that have defined this season’s basketball narrative.

Anthony Edwards over John Collins

Anthony Edwards’ dunk on John Collins was not just the highlight of the year but truly a historic moment in basketball. If you look up “poster dunk” in the dictionary, Edwards’ masterful execution over Collins would be the defining example.

This dunk included all the elements of an iconic moment: star power, enthusiastic commentary, a thrilled crowd and bench, and the complete overpowering of the defender. Edwards, known for his in-game dunking skills, showcased his peak abilities and professionalism.

Smith Jr.’s Incredible Skills

Smith Jr.’s dunk displayed remarkable vertical leaps and skill.

At just 6-foot-2, Smith Jr.’s ability to perform such an impressive dunk highlights his athleticism and determination. The difficulty level of this dunk, considering his size, was off the charts.

Jaylen Brown & the Impressive Dunk

Jaylen Brown’s dunk is a showcase of raw power and fearlessness. Facing off against Gobert, Brown did not hesitate to dunk with authority, demonstrating his prowess as one of the best in-game dunkers.

His ability to make a statement, regardless of the opponent, sets a high standard for in-game dunking excellence.

Kuminga’s Leap & Show of Precision

Kuminga’s dunk was a spectacle of agility and precision. Without a running start, he managed to catapult towards the rim, turning a simple off-ball screen into a moment of aerial brilliance.

This dunk stands out for its spontaneity and Kuminga’s ability to surprise both the audience and the defense.

Wembanyama’s Statement Dunk

Wembanyama’s dunk was as strategic as it was spectacular. Starting with a crossover with Kevin Durant, Wembanyama showed that big men can also execute dunks with finesse and power, making a clear statement in response to Durant’s previous play.

This dunk not only showcased his skill but also his competitive spirit.

Ja Morant Over Victor Wembanyama

Morant’s audacity to dunk near Wembanyama was breathtaking. Returning from a suspension, Morant reminded everyone of his incredible dunking ability.

The risk of attempting such a dunk against a premier rim protector like Wembanyama speaks volumes about Morant’s confidence.

Legendary Dunks in NBA History

Let’s dive into the greatest dunks the NBA has ever witnessed, featuring feats from legends like Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James.

The Iconic Alley-Oop: Kobe to Shaq

Kobe Bryant’s lob to Shaquille O’Neal in the 2000 Western Conference Finals Game 7 is legendary.

With the Lakers trailing, this play sparked a miraculous comeback against the Portland Trail Blazers, culminating in a victory that led them to the NBA Finals, where they clinched the championship.

Wade’s Unbelievable Dunk on Perkins

In 2011, Dwyane Wade’s dunk over Kendrick Perkins showcased his incredible athleticism and marked a significant moment in the “Big Three Era” of the Miami Heat, highlighting Wade’s ability to dominate on the court.

DeAndre Jordan Demolishes Brandon Knight

DeAndre Jordan’s poster dunk over Brandon Knight in 2013 became instantly famous and legendary, not just for the sheer force of the dunk but for the social media frenzy it sparked, humorously mourning Knight’s dignity.

Paul George’s 360 Windmill Slam

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In 2014, Paul George executed a mesmerizing 360 windmill dunk, a testament to his explosive athleticism and creativity, leaving fans and players alike in awe.

Gerald Green’s Windmill Alley-Oop

Gerald Green’s windmill alley-oop in 2012 was a display of his incredible vertical leap and flair, turning a routine play into a highlight-reel staple.

LeBron James’ Powerhouse Poster on Terry

LeBron James‘ dunk over Jason Terry in 2013 demonstrated his dominance, combining power and precision to deliver one of the most memorable posters in NBA history.

Blake Griffin’s Defining Moment Over Mozgov

In 2010, Blake Griffin’s dunk over Timofey Mozgov defined Griffin’s career and introduced “Mozgoved” into the basketball vernacular, symbolizing a powerful dunk over an opponent.

Giannis’ Leap Over Hardaway Jr.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s dunk over Tim Hardaway Jr. in 2018 highlighted his incredible length and athleticism, solidifying his reputation as one of the NBA’s most dynamic players.

Jordan’s Classic Dunk Over Ewing

Michael Jordan’s dunk over Patrick Ewing in the 1991 NBA Playoffs remains one of the most iconic images of his storied career, showcasing his competitive spirit and aerial prowess.

Shaq’s Disrespectful Slam on Dudley

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Shaquille O’Neal’s dunk over Chris Dudley in 1999 was as powerful as it was disrespectful, embodying Shaq’s dominance in the paint and his ability to humiliate defenders.

In conclusion, the dunks of the 2023-24 NBA season and those from the past highlight moments of individual brilliance and the evolution of basketball as a sport.

These aerial feats, from Edwards’ standout slam to the timeless majesty of dunks by Bryant, James, and Jordan, showcase the incredible talent, hard work, and passion that define the NBA.

They remind us of the potential of human athleticism and the enduring legacy of the game’s greatest players.

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