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Buffalo Bills Trade OL Ryan Bates to Chicago Bears for 2024 Fifth-Round Pick

The Buffalo Bills have agreed to trade offensive lineman Ryan Bates to the Chicago Bears. In return, the Bills will receive a fifth-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Key Takeaways
  • Bates, known for his ability to play multiple positions, adds depth to the Bears’ offensive line.
  • The Bills leverage this trade to manage their salary cap and acquire an additional pick for the 2024 Draft.
  • The Bears’ long-standing interest in Bates signifies their commitment to strengthening their offensive line, potentially seeing him as a crucial part of their lineup.

The Trade Deal

The Buffalo Bills have traded offensive lineman Ryan Bates to the Chicago Bears. This exchange involves the Bears sending a fifth-round pick to the Bills in the 2024 NFL Draft. This strategic decision underscores both teams’ plans to refine their rosters and enhance their competitive edges as they look toward the future.

Who is Ryan Bates?

Ryan Bates, 27, has demonstrated versatility and skill during his tenure with the Buffalo Bills. Having played all five seasons of his NFL career with Buffalo, Bates made 19 starts in a total of 73 games. His ability to play multiple positions along the offensive line added depth and flexibility to the Bills’ squad.

Details of the Trade

The trade, which both teams have officially announced, is set to become effective with the onset of the new league year on March 13, pending Bates passing a physical examination. This move marks a significant shift for Bates, who, in 2022, was the subject of a matching offer from the Bills when the Bears attempted to sign him as a restricted free agent with a four-year, $17 million deal.

Implications for the Buffalo Bills

By trading Bates, the Bills are expected to save $1.4 million in cap space despite incurring a $4 million dead cap hit. The decision to move Bates reflects the team’s confidence in younger, less expensive players who can contribute to the offensive line. Players like Kevin Jarvis and Alec Anderson are now in a position to take on larger roles, offering the team cap flexibility and the potential to develop talent from within.

The Bills are also looking ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft, where they will now have 11 picks. This gives them considerable leverage and options to address various positions of need, potentially including the interior offensive line, as they continue to build a team capable of long-term success.

What It Means for the Chicago Bears

The Bears getting Ryan Bates is a smart move to improve their offensive line. Bates can do a lot because he’s played in many spots on the line and has much game experience. This makes him really important for the Bears, especially since they could use him as a center or in other key spots. The fact that Chicago tried to get Bates before, in 2022, shows they’ve wanted him on their team for a while. This means he could play a big part in how they plan their game strategy in the future.

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