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Chad Kelly Shines as 2023’s Most Outstanding Player in the CFL


Discover how Chad Kelly, Toronto Argonauts’ quarterback, clinched the prestigious 2023 George Reed Most Outstanding Player award after an extraordinary season.

Key Takeaways
  • Chad Kelly, quarterback of the Toronto Argonauts, wins the 2023 George Reed Most Outstanding Player Award.
  • The Argonauts achieve a record-breaking 16-win season, marking a historical milestone in the franchise.
  • The George Reed MOP award honors the late Saskatchewan Roughrider, celebrating his impact both on and off the field.

Chad Kelly’s Stellar Performance Leads to Prestigious Honor

The Canadian Football League (CFL) witnessed a remarkable event as the Toronto Argonauts’ quarterback, Chad Kelly, was named the 2023 George Reed Most Outstanding Player (MOP). This prestigious award, a tribute to CFL legend George Reed, recognizes Kelly’s exceptional performance throughout the season. Kelly’s leadership and skill were pivotal in leading the Argonauts to a remarkable 16-win regular season in 2023.

Toronto Argonauts Celebrate a Stellar Season

Under Chad Kelly’s guidance, the Argonauts achieved a franchise-best 16-2 record, tying the all-time victories record set in 1989. Kelly’s impressive stats, including 4,123 passing yards and 23 touchdowns, underline his crucial role in the team’s success. His exceptional performance not only earned him individual accolades but also contributed significantly to the Argonauts’ historic season.

The Legacy of George Reed Lives On in the CFL Awards

The George Reed MOP award, named in memory of one of the CFL’s greatest running backs, adds a layer of honor and legacy to this achievement. Reed, remembered for his outstanding records and community contributions, now has his legacy permanently etched in the award, enhancing its prestige and significance.

Argonauts’ Teammates Share the Limelight

The celebration extends beyond Kelly, with several of his teammates and coach Ryan Dinwiddie also receiving awards. This collective recognition showcases the depth of talent and teamwork within the Argonauts, highlighting their overall dominance in the league during the season.

Chad Kelly’s award as the 2023 George Reed Most Outstanding Player symbolizes not only personal achievement but also pays homage to a CFL legend and underscores the Toronto Argonauts’ exceptional team performance. As Canada sports betting enthusiasts and fans alike celebrate these achievements, the legacy of George Reed and the spirit of excellence in Canadian football continue to thrive.