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Chris Weidman’s Bold Challenge: A UFC Showdown with Sean Strickland

Following his recent win at UFC on ESPN 54, Chris Weidman desires to fight former champion Sean Strickland. Read more about his aspirations and the potential match-up.

Key Takeaways
  • After his recent victory, Chris Weidman expresses interest in facing more renowned opponents in the middleweight division.
  • Weidman returned to winning ways with a controversial unanimous decision over Bruno Silva, a match initially concluded by TKO before being adjusted due to an infringement.
  • Michael Bisping has recommended Strickland as a potential opponent.

Weidman’s Return to the Spotlight

Chris Weidman, a seasoned fighter with a professional record of 16 wins and 7 losses, has reentered the winner’s circle following a unanimous decision victory against Bruno Silva at UFC on ESPN 54.

The fight ended in controversy due to an instant replay revealing Weidman’s unintentional foul — eye-poking Silva twice.

Despite the controversial ending, Weidman is eager to compete against more famous fighters in the middleweight division, sharing his frustration with facing lesser-known opponents like Silva.

Weidman Eyes a High-Profile Opponent

During an appearance on the “Believe You Me” podcast, Weidman discussed his desire to elevate his competition level.

I think I want a big name,” he stated, reflecting on his recent bout against Silva, whom he felt was not a well-recognized contender.

Weidman emphasized his readiness to engage in more significant and impactful fights, suggesting a matchup that would excite fans and add substantial value to his career wins.

Proposed Match-Up: Weidman vs. Strickland

Michael Bisping, also a former champion, has recommended Sean Strickland (28-6 MMA, 15-6 UFC) as a good match for Weidman.

Strickland, known for his tough fighting style and endurance, will face Paulo Costa at UFC 302 on June 1.

Weidman was excited about this suggestion, saying, “I would love that fight. I got a lot of respect for Strickland. I think it would be a fun build-up. I think he would bring me out of being such a nice guy. I think we could trash talk a little bit, have some fun… I like his style, I like that he pushes the pace, I like to push the pace. I lie that he gets guys tired. So, I’d like to test myself against a guy like that you know, for sure.”
He respects Strickland’s fighting techniques, especially how he tires out his opponents, and looks forward to a fight that could make him show a less friendly side, with some fun trash-talking and rivalry before the match.

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