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Clayton Kershaw Rumors: Rangers Signing ‘Very Much In Play’

Explore the possibility of Clayton Kershaw signing with the Texas Rangers. Get insights into the pitcher’s recovery, contract considerations, and the impact of his potential move on both the Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Key Takeaways
  • Clayton Kershaw, a free agent and Dallas native, is a serious option for the Texas Rangers as they seek to bolster their starting pitching.
  • Kershaw is rehabbing from left shoulder surgery and is not expected to return until after the All-Star break in 2024.
  • The Texas Rangers, 2023 World Series champions, see Kershaw as a valuable addition despite his recovery timeline.

The Possibility of a Homecoming for Kershaw

The Texas Rangers are actively seeking to bolster their starting pitching lineup. With Max Scherzer sidelined for early 2024, the Rangers’ interest in Los Angeles Dodgers free agent and Dallas native Clayton Kershaw has intensified. Despite Kershaw’s own recovery from left shoulder surgery, Ken Rosenthal notes him as a “very much” viable option for Texas. The Rangers, also expecting Jacob deGrom’s return post-break, have recently signed Tyler Mahle under similar circumstances.

Texas Rangers’ Pitching Prospects and Kershaw’s Fit

The Rangers recently signed Tyler Mahle, indicating their strategy of investing in talented pitchers recovering from surgeries. Kershaw fits this profile, rehabbing from surgery on his left shoulder, with an expected return after the All-Star break. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic highlights Kershaw’s potential role in the Rangers’ rotation, which also anticipates Jacob deGrom’s return post-break. The Rangers’ rotation currently includes Nathan Eovaldi, Jon Gray, Andrew Heaney, Dane Dunning, and possibly Cody Bradford, with a reunion with Jordan Montgomery also on the table.

The Case for Signing Kershaw

Kershaw’s decision is influenced by multiple factors, including his desire to win and the allure of playing close to home, especially after Texas’ recent World Series victory. Despite his injury, Kershaw’s track record remains impressive, with a 13-5 record and a 2.46 ERA in 24 starts during 2023. His potential addition to the Rangers could significantly bolster their pitching strength for the latter half of the season. Furthermore, Kershaw’s experience and mentorship could be invaluable to young pitchers in the Rangers’ roster.

Potential Risks and Rewards

While signing Kershaw involves risks, given his recovery timeline, the Rangers have shown a willingness to take chances on injured pitchers. The potential rewards, including Kershaw’s high-level performance and mentorship role, outweigh the risks for the Rangers’ front office.

Kershaw’s Decision and Future

The decision rests with Kershaw, who is focused on his rehabilitation and will make his choice based on his timeline. Both the Rangers and the Dodgers remain hopeful, with each offering unique opportunities for the veteran pitcher.

Kershaw’s Surgery and Impact

Dr. Neal ElAttrache performed Kershaw’s surgery to repair the glenohumeral ligaments and capsule. Despite the injury, Kershaw managed a strong performance in the 2023 season, highlighting his resilience and capability.

The possibility of Clayton Kershaw joining the Texas Rangers presents an intriguing scenario for the baseball world. His decision, influenced by his recovery, team dynamics, and personal preferences, remains a topic of keen interest as the 2024 season approaches.