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UFC Showdown Conditions: Covington’s Response to Garry

Colby Covington responds to Ian Machado Garry’s UFC callout with three unique conditions. Discover the intense buildup to a potential explosive welterweight showdown.

Key Takeaways
  • Colby Covington addresses Ian Machado Garry’s callout with specific fight conditions.
  • Undefeated Ian Machado Garry challenges Covington after a recent victory, aiming to shake up the welterweight rankings.
  • Covington’s unique response adds a personal touch to the potential fight, sparking interest among UFC fans and fighters.

Colby Covington Sets Conditions for Ian Machado Garry Fight

Colby Covington, a three-time UFC welterweight title challenger, has finally responded to Ian Machado Garry’s challenge, setting the stage for a potentially epic confrontation. The exchange between the two fighters has caught the attention of fans, bringing a new level of excitement to the welterweight division.

Machado Garry’s Undefeated Streak and Challenge

The former Cage Warriors champion Ian Machado Garry has been on a remarkable winning streak, boasting a 14-0 record overall and a 7-0 in the UFC. Following his split decision victory over Geoff Neal at UFC 298 in Anaheim, California, Garry didn’t hold back in his post-fight press conference, directly calling out Covington. The 26-year-old Dubliner made it clear that he sees Covington as a stepping stone to higher ranks, stating,

He’s going to do what he’s fcking told, and he’s going to fight a young upcoming prospect, so I can fcking take him out of the division, wipe him off the top 15.”

Covington’s Calculated Response

After being quiet for a while, Covington shared his thoughts in a video on social media. Famous for his bold and sometimes controversial behavior, Covington spoke to Garry with both disrespect and recognition of the challenge.

Ian Garry, you translucent cuck, you wanted my attention, now you got it,” Covington declared.

He then talked about how fighting him is desirable because it makes his opponents more famous. But, Covington also wondered what he would gain from fighting someone ranked lower than him, like Garry.

Conditions for the Fight

Covington proposed three stipulations for the fight to proceed, teasingly suggesting Garry should “get on his knees and beg.” While the video specifies conditions involving turning on social media comments and two others related to Garry’s wife, Layla, detailed terms were not disclosed in the shared content.

Social Media Taunts and Public Interest

The back-and-forth between the two fighters has grabbed the attention of MMA fans all over, with both using social media to share their thoughts. Covington’s reaction showed off his popularity in the sport and hinted that a fight with him could give Garry a lot of attention. The comments made earlier by Garry and Covington’s response have prepared the ground for a much-awaited fight if Garry accepts Covington’s conditions.

Despite the interest from both fighters and the MMA community, the exact details of Covington’s conditions haven’t been fully shared. As everyone looks forward to what comes next, the possible fight between Covington and Garry is shaping up to be a major topic of conversation in the UFC welterweight division.

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