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Dalvin Cook Released by New York Jets

Explore the comprehensive overview of former FSU star Dalvin Cook’s release from the New York Jets, including contract details, season performance, coach’s insights, and his future in the NFL.

Key Takeaways
  • Dalvin Cook signed a one-year deal with the Jets but had an underwhelming season with only 214 rushing yards and no touchdowns.
  • The Jets released Cook ahead of Week 18, making him a free agent and allowing him to pursue opportunities with playoff contenders.
  • Despite a challenging season with the Jets, Cook’s successful history with the Vikings and his professional attitude are highlighted.

Dalvin Cook’s Release from the New York Jets

Dalvin Cook, the former Florida State Seminoles standout, has been released by the New York Jets, as reported by Adam Schefter.This move came after a season that fell short of expectations.

Contract and Season Performance

  • Signing and Contract Details: Dalvin Cook signed a one-year contract with the New York Jets in August 2023, valued up to $8.6 million. This followed his release from the Minnesota Vikings, with whom he had spent six seasons​​.
  • Season Stats: Cook’s performance for the Jets was notably subdued. He accumulated only 214 rushing yards and 78 receiving yards over the season. Remarkably, he did not score any touchdowns. Throughout his 16 games played, he only started in one game​​.

Game Participation and Final Appearances

  • Game Participation: Cook’s involvement was limited after the season opener, where he played 50% of the offensive snaps. Subsequently, he never played more than 19 snaps in any game and was absent from the field in the Jets’ Week 17 loss to the Cleveland Browns​​.
  • Last Games: Cook’s final appearance was in a game against the Miami Dolphins on December 17, where he had minimal impact with one carry for four yards and one reception for six yards​​.

Career Highlights and Jets’ Decision to Release

  • Release Details: The Jets released Cook ahead of their Week 18 matchup, making him a free agent. This decision was influenced by Cook’s underwhelming season, which contrasted sharply with his prior success at Minnesota, where he had four consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons​​.
  • Career Achievements: A four-time Pro Bowler, Cook has an impressive career record from his time with the Vikings and the Jets. He has amassed 6,207 rushing yards and 47 touchdowns, along with 1,872 receiving yards and five receiving touchdowns over 88 career games (73 starts)​​.

Leadership and Coach’s Praise

  • Professionalism and Team Support: Despite the challenging season, Jets head coach Robert Saleh praised Cook for his professionalism and support to his teammates and the running back room. Saleh acknowledged Cook’s challenging season but expressed confidence in his continued potential​​.

Prospects After Release

  • Post-Release Ambitions: Following his release, Cook expressed a desire to join a Super Bowl contender before the playoffs. If unclaimed on waivers, he will become a free agent, which opens the possibility of signing with another team. There were rumors linking Cook to the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys during his free agency the previous summer​​.

Jets’ Overall Season

  • Jets’ Season Overview: The Jets’ season has been disappointing overall, especially after acquiring star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Following Rodgers’ Achilles injury, the Jets recorded a 6-10 record through 17 weeks. Breece Hall led the running backs with 816 rushing yards and four touchdowns​​.

As Cook enters free agency, restructuring his contract to waive any remaining guarantees, he faces the opportunity to redefine his NFL career. His next move will be closely watched, with potential to add significantly to a team looking for an experienced and proven running back. Despite his limited role with the Jets, Cook’s career achievements and his ability to contribute significantly to a team’s success will likely make him a sought-after player in the free agency market.