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Josh Hart’s Knee Soreness, Ejection, and Social Media Buzz

Explore the latest on Knicks’ Josh Hart, from his knee soreness and playing against the Clippers to his ejection and bold social media presence. Stay updated on Hart’s impact on the Knicks.

Key Takeaways
  • Josh Hart, battling knee soreness, was available to play against the Los Angeles Clippers despite not being at 100%.
  • Hart was ejected from the game against the Clippers after receiving double technical fouls.
  • Hart’s recent tweet regarding the Washington Commanders sparked debate, leading to a bold response to a fan comparing the Commanders’ situation with the Knicks.

Josh Hart’s Return to Action Despite Knee Issues

Josh Hart is confirmed to play against the Clippers despite knee soreness, according to Fred Katz of The Athletic. Despite not being fully fit, Hart’s participation was crucial for the team. Coach Tom Thibodeau acknowledged Hart’s condition, stating he’s not 100 percent but will play regardless. The Knicks were prepared to potentially limit his playing time in consideration of his knee.

Hart, suffering from knee inflammation, was listed as probable for the Knicks-Clippers game. He’s been a consistent performer this season, appearing in all 24 games and making five starts. In the previous game, Hart had an impressive plus-34 impact on the floor.

Hart’s Ejection from the Clippers Game

Saturday’s game took a turn when Hart was ejected after receiving double technical fouls. Engaged in a dispute with the officials, he left the game scoreless, with only eight minutes of playtime. This ejection came on the heels of his knee soreness, with the unintended rest possibly serving as a benefit for his condition.

Hart’s Sharp Response to Knicks-Commanders Comparison on Twitter

Off the court, Hart made headlines with his tweet about the NFL’s Washington Commanders. After their loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Hart suggested the Commanders should focus on draft picks. A fan retorted with a similar comment about the Knicks, to which Hart replied emphatically, “Calm yo a** down we 20 games in. We’ll be fine.” defending the Knicks’ current standing. Despite the fan’s comparison, the Knicks are performing well, currently sixth in the Eastern Conference, mirroring last season’s success.

The Knicks, currently sixth in the Eastern Conference, aim to match or surpass last season’s performance, where they finished with a 47-35 record and secured the fifth seed in the playoffs.