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Knicks in Trade Talks for Quentin Grimes

Discover the latest developments in the New York Knicks’ potential trade talks involving Quentin Grimes. Explore the team’s strategy, potential trade targets, and the future implications for Grimes and the Knicks.

Key Takeaways
  • Grimes has experienced a decrease in playing time, averaging 19.8 minutes per game this season compared to 29.9 minutes in the previous season.
  • The Knicks are seeking to trade Grimes and Evan Fournier for a quality player, targeting ball-handlers like Jordan Clarkson, Malcolm Brogdon, and Terry Rozier.
  • No immediate trade is confirmed, but options remain open for a potential summer move if a deal does not materialize before the February deadline.

Knicks Consider Trading Quentin Grimes

The New York Knicks are reportedly in discussions about potentially trading Quentin Grimes, a development that has significant implications for their team strategy and composition.

Quentin Grimes’ Current Status

Grimes, at 23 years old and 6-foot-5, was previously seen as a key player for the Knicks. He averaged 6.9 points and a 39% success rate in 3-pointers. However, his role has diminished significantly. Grimes lost his starting position as shooting guard to Donte DiVincenzo on December 8, resulting in a decrease in his playing time from 30 minutes per game in the 2022-23 season to just 17 minutes since being moved to the second unit​​.

Knicks’ Trade Plans

The Knicks are said to be actively fielding offers for Grimes, according to reports from rival executives. The team is looking for a facilitator to play behind or alongside Jalen Brunson and prefers a player with an attractive contract that could be used in future trades, possibly for a star this summer​​​​.

Grimes and Evan Fournier’s $18.9 million salary are being considered as part of the trade package. The Knicks’ preference is to not trade Grimes for a player who might leave in free agency this summer​​.

Atlanta Hawks’ Interest

The Atlanta Hawks had previously shown interest in Grimes during the Cam Reddish deal, but the Knicks did not give him up at that time. It’s unclear if Grimes could be a part of a potential deal involving Dejounte Murray from the Hawks. The Hawks are also looking to shed salary in any potential Murray deal​​.

Potential Trade Targets

The Knicks are reportedly targeting three specific players in exchange for Grimes and Fournier:

  • Jordan Clarkson: Averaging 17.9 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game this season, Clarkson would offer the Knicks a solid backup ballhandler and a scoring option off the bench. His contract extends for two more seasons after 2023-24​​.
  • Malcolm Brogdon and Terry Rozier: Both players have been named as potential candidates in a trade involving Grimes and Fournier​​.

The Future of Quentin Grimes

Despite the trade rumors, no deal involving Grimes is imminent. If a trade does not occur before the February 8 deadline, the Knicks might consider moving him in the summer when he will be eligible for an extension. Grimes was once considered untouchable in trade talks, particularly during the discussions for Donovan Mitchell in 2022, but his current situation has changed significantly​​.

The Knicks’ decision to field offers for Quentin Grimes reflects a strategic shift focusing on immediate team needs and long-term flexibility. While no trade is guaranteed before the deadline, the Knicks are actively exploring options to enhance their roster composition, with an eye towards acquiring a player who can contribute immediately and potentially be part of a bigger trade in the future.