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NY Knicks Lose to Pacers: Jalen Brunson’s Injury Is Still Affecting Him

Brunson and Hart Address Knicks'

After a crushing 121-89 defeat to the Pacers in Game 4, Knicks’ Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart take accountability.

Coach Thibodeau struggles to balance defense and offense. Brunson plays through injury while Hart’s minutes drop.

Key Takeaways
  • Jalen Brunson admits no excuses for poor performance despite injury, scoring 18 points in Game 4.
  • Josh Hart acknowledges his play’s lack of energy and hustle, contrasting his usual performance.
  • The Pacers tie the series following a dominant 121-89 victory over the Knicks.

Knicks Struggle to Find Balance

In a disappointing Game 4, the New York Knicks faced a crushing defeat against the Indiana Pacers, losing 121-89.

Coach Tom Thibodeau struggled to find a balance between dismantling the Pacers’ defense and boosting the Knicks’ offense.

Key players Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart addressed their performances and the overall team effort, highlighting various factors that contributed to the loss.

Jalen Brunson Owns Up to Performance Issues

After the disheartening loss, Jalen Brunson did not shy away from accountability.

Yeah, we’re short-handed, but that doesn’t matter right now. We have what we have and we need to go forward with that. There is no ‘we’re short-handed.’ There’s no excuse. There’s no excuse whatsoever,” Brunson stated.

Brunson attempted 17 shots, making only six, and missed all five three-point attempts, ending with 18 points. Despite his efforts to impact the game with five assists, three rebounds, and two steals, it was not enough to keep the Knicks afloat.

Knicks Acknowledge Need for Improved Effort

The recurring theme in the post-game interviews was collective introspection.

Coach Thibodeau’s squad acknowledged their need for better execution and effort to gain the upper hand in the series.

Josh Hart, another key player, admitted his subpar performance, saying, “As someone who brings energy, brings hustle, the kinda things I didn’t do today. It’s time to get better.”

Hart, usually playing around 40 minutes, saw his time reduced to nearly 24 minutes in Game 4. He managed only three rebounds, two assists, and two points, going one for six on the field.

The Knicks need to step up their game to avoid losing the series.

Jalen Brunson’s Health and Impact on Game 4

Despite not being listed on the Knicks’ official injury report for Game 5, his performance suggested otherwise. Brunson played through a right foot injury sustained in Game 2, but his effectiveness was hampered.

He missed 11 of 17 shots and scored a playoff-low 18 points in 31 minutes. “It’s a feel thing, and it’s also not overthinking. Sometimes, the ball goes in. Sometimes, it doesn’t,” Brunson explained.

Brunson struggled to find his usual shooting rhythm, leaving seven of his 11 missed attempts short.

With an average of 34.6 points per game in his first nine playoff appearances, Brunson’s shooting percentage dropped significantly in the past two road games. He made only 16 of 43 shots and 2 of 11 from three-point range.

Pacers coach Rick Carlisle adjusted his defensive strategy, assigning Aaron Nesmith to guard Brunson in the past two games after Andrew Nembhard handled the task in the first two games in New York.

The Knicks must address these challenges and improve their performance to stay competitive in the series.

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