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Chandler vs. McGregor: UFC 303 Showdown Confirmed

Chandler vs. McGregor at UFC 303

Michael Chandler confirms that the long-anticipated fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 303 will occur on June 29, 2024, despite the recent press conference cancellation and rampant speculation.

Key Takeaways
  • Despite rumors and a canceled press conference, Chandler has confirmed that the fight with McGregor is on for UFC 303.
  • The fight, set for June 29, 2024, in Las Vegas, promises to be an electrifying event for MMA fans.
  • Both fighters have had their ups and downs, with Chandler training intensely and McGregor recovering from a serious injury, adding depth to their upcoming clash.

Chandler vs. McGregor: UFC 303 Clash Set for Las Vegas

Michael Chandler has confirmed that his highly anticipated fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 303 is happening.

The confirmation comes after days of speculation following the sudden cancellation of the press conference scheduled in Dublin.

Despite the rumors and uncertainty, Chandler reassured fans that the fight would occur in Las Vegas on June 29, 2024.

UFC 303 Press Event Canceled Amid Speculation

The press conference for UFC 303 was unexpectedly canceled with less than 12 hours’ notice, leading to widespread speculation about the fight’s status. Chandler shared his side of the story during an interview with The Pivot podcast.

He recounted how he was informed about the cancellation late at night by Hunter Campbell, a key figure behind the scenes at UFC.

I was actually up late that night because the fights were on the East Coast. I didn’t get into bed until 12:30 or 1 a.m. because I wanted to watch Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier. I had probably fallen asleep for maybe 45 minutes or an hour when my phone started buzzing. It was Hunter Campbell. He let me know, ‘Hey, it’s looking like this thing isn’t going to happen.’

Chandler Stays Focused Amid Pre-Fight Turmoil

Chandler has been preparing for this fight since last year when it was announced that he and McGregor would coach opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter.

Despite McGregor’s three-year hiatus due to a leg injury, Chandler has remained focused and dedicated to his training. He addressed the concerns following the press conference cancellation:

Obviously, a canceled presser is not that big of a deal. But with all the speculation in 2024 with social media and all that stuff, it can create a lot of noise. I just kept resting on the fact that I can only control what I can control. Now here we are, fighting in June 2024.”

McGregor and Chandler: Rivalry Ahead of UFC 303

McGregor, entering the fight with a 22-6 record, has lost his last two bouts against Dustin Poirier and has had a challenging period following a 15-match win streak.

Chandler, with a 23-8 record, also lost his last fight to Poirier but had a successful run before that, winning 10 of his previous 12 fights.

The two fighters, who once coached against each other on The Ultimate Fighter, have had a contentious relationship, further fueling the anticipation for this matchup, according to UFC CEO Dana White.

UFC has even released a hype video focusing on their careers, McGregor’s recovery from his leg injury, and Chandler’s journey.

Chandler and McGregor Set for Epic UFC 303 Showdown

Michael Chandler remains confident as he trains for the highly anticipated fight against Conor McGregor at UFC 303.

Despite the press conference cancellation, he assures fans that the fight will happen on June 29, 2024, at 10 PM ET in Las Vegas. Both fighters are ready, and the world eagerly awaits this showdown.

This fight, set to headline UFC 303, is expected to be a memorable event in the world of mixed martial arts.