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Pete Alonso’s Future with the Mets: Trade Rumors and Team Outlook

Pete Alonso Trade Speculation

First baseman Pete Alonso has been fielding questions about his uncertain future with the New York Mets amidst their unexpected winning streak. This streak has kept them in postseason conversations as the spring season ends.

Key Takeaways
  • Pete Alonso’s future with the Mets is uncertain as trade rumors circulate ahead of the July 30 MLB trade deadline.
  • Alonso’s love for New York and his performance this season influence his decisions and those of the team.
  • Potential trades could significantly impact the Mets’ strategy and postseason aspirations.

Alonso’s Hope to Stay with the Mets

When asked if he thinks he’ll be with the Mets past the July 30 MLB trade deadline, Alonso expressed optimism. “I hope so,” Alonso told Bill Ladson of the MLB website.

I really do because that means that we are playing good baseball. For me, this is a special place. I love the guys and the staff in the clubhouse. This is home.

Alonso, who debuted with the Mets in 2019, is nearing free agency and is a frequent subject of trade rumors.

An unnamed club official suggested the Mets might consider trading Alonso and other out-of-contract baseball players shortly after the All-Star break.

ESPN’s Buster Olney has linked Alonso with the Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners.

Despite the trade rumors, the Mets have improved to 34-37, one game back in the National League’s third wild-card spot.

Pete Alonso’s Loyalty to New York Amid Contract Delays

Alonso reiterated his love for New York and the Mets during his conversation with Ladson. “It’s a really special place,” Alonso said.

I would like to stay. It’s a great city. It’s a great place to play. I’ve grown up here. Some of my best memories in life have been in New York.

There has been little progress in contract talks between Alonso’s camp and the Mets, which isn’t surprising given his agent Scott Boras’ history of taking clients into free agency. This past winter, sources indicated that Alonso isn’t inclined to offer a ‘hometown discount.’

As much as people like to blame Scott, it’s the player that has the ultimate choice,” Alonso explained.

Every agent — not just Scott — represents the player as the player wishes.

Future Moves Based on Team Performance

Alonso’s future with the Mets may depend on the team’s performance leading up to the All-Star break on July 14. The Mets will aim to improve their record when they face the 33-39 Texas Rangers.

Executive Foresees Alonso Trade for Substantial Return

As the Mets hover near the bottom of the National League standings, Pete Alonso’s future remains a hot topic.

An AL executive told MLB.com’s Mark Feinsand that the Mets would likely trade Alonso if they could get “real value” rather than wait for draft compensation through the qualifying offer system.

Alonso, earning $20.5 million this season, seeks a long-term deal worth at least $200 million. The Mets, with the highest CBT payroll in MLB at $339.3 million, would receive minimal draft pick compensation if Alonso left through the qualifying-offer system.

Alonso’s Trade Prospects Amid Mets’ Playoff Chase

Alonso has been mentioned in trade rumors since the offseason. Despite the Mets’ 30-37 record, they remain within reach of a wild-card spot due to the NL’s overall mediocrity.

Alonso is hitting .233/.315/.459 with 14 homers and 32 RBI in 67 games. His performance and the Mets’ position may influence trade decisions as the deadline approaches.

Proposed Blockbuster Trade Sends Alonso to Yankees

Bleacher Report’s Zachary D. Rymer proposed a significant trade, sending Alonso to the New York Yankees along with pitcher Adam Ottavino and cash for pitching prospect Chase Hampton.

This move could significantly boost the Yankees, who lead the AL East with a 49-22 record.

Adding Alonso to a lineup featuring Aaron Judge and Juan Soto could make the Yankees formidable contenders for the World Series.

The trade would address the Yankees’ depth issues and enhance their offensive power.

Future for Pete Alonso as Mets Weigh Trade Options

As the trade deadline approaches, Pete Alonso’s future with the Mets is full of questions. His strong attachment to New York and his good performance this season make his situation more complex.

The Mets need to decide whether to keep him or trade him for valuable assets. This decision will impact the team’s chances of making the playoffs.

As rumors continue to swirl, all eyes are on the Mets and Alonso to see what will happen next.