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NBA Block Records + 2023-24 Season Highlights

Discover the NBA’s record-breaking block performances, from Mitchell Robinson’s current stats with the Knicks to historic feats by Elmore Smith and others.

Key Takeaways
  • Mitchell Robinson of the Knicks averages lower blocks per game this season, despite being a strong defensive presence.
  • Elmore Smith holds the NBA record for most blocks in a game with 17, while Mark Eaton has the record for a season with 456.
  • Current season leaders include Brook Lopez and Mitchell Robinson, with Lopez having the highest single-game blocks.

Mitchell Robinson’s Influence on the Knicks’ Defense

In the basketball world, blocks are a big deal. They show how well a player can stop an opponent from scoring. Right now, the New York Knicks have a player, Mitchell Robinson, who is really good at blocking shots. Even though his numbers have dropped to one block per game, he’s playing better than ever before.

Rising Stars and Veteran Records

Players like Anthony Davis, Victor Wembanyama, and Rudy Gobert have been notable this season for blocking shots. Wembanyama, with his very long arms, has blocked shots that seemed out of reach. It’s his first year, and he’s expected to get even better. 

Looking back, there have been many great players known for blocking shots. Elmore Smith is still the one who set the highest record for blocks in one game.

Seasonal Leaders and Knicks’ Block Stats

So far this season, Brook Lopez has the highest number of blocks in a single game, with eight blocks. Mitchell Robinson is among the top four players in the league, with four blocks in a game being his best so far.

For the Knicks in the 2023-24 season, Mitchell Robinson is the top player for blocking shots. The record for the most blocks in one season for the Knicks is held by Patrick Ewing. His record still stands, and it places him as one of the best for blocking shots in the history of basketball. 

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