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New England Patriots Open to Trading Mac Jones: What’s Next for the Quarterback?

The New England Patriots are considering trading quarterback Mac Jones, sparking numerous discussions and rumors about his future with the team.

Key Takeaways
  • After a standout rookie year, Jones’ performance has seen a significant dip, raising questions about his future with the Patriots.
  • The departure of key coaching staff and the arrival of new head coach Jerod Mayo have added to the uncertainty surrounding Jones’ role in the team.
  • With the Patriots open to trading Jones, speculation about his next destination, including possible fits like the Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, and Denver Broncos, intensifies.

Mac Jones’ Turbulent Journey with the Patriots

Mac Jones’ time with the Patriots has been a roller coaster. After being picked 15th overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, Jones had a promising start, leading the Patriots to the playoffs in his rookie year with 3,801 passing yards and 22 touchdowns.

However, his performance dipped significantly in the following seasons. In 2023, Jones managed 2,120 passing yards with a 10-12 TD-INT ratio and a quarterback rating 77.0. This marked a significant regression from his rookie season, prompting discussions about his future with the team​​​​​.

Coaching Changes and Their Impact

The departure of Josh McDaniels and the introduction of new coaching staff, including head coach Jerod Mayo and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt, have brought about significant changes within the team. These changes and Mac Jones’ declining performance have led to speculation about his place in the team’s plans​​​.

Trade Rumors and Potential Outcomes

The Patriots are reportedly “open” to trading Jones and have been fielding calls from interested teams. This comes after Jones was benched multiple times during the 2023 season in favor of Bailey Zappe. Despite the setbacks, Jones still has a chance to remain with the Patriots, especially with the team’s coaching overhaul. However, the Patriots are ready to move him ​if the right deal comes along​​​​.

Ideal Landing Spots

Speculations about potential landing spots for Jones have emerged. Teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, and Denver Broncos have been mentioned as possible new homes for Jones. Each team presents an opportunity for Jones to restart his career in a new environment, possibly rejuvenating his performance with different coaching styles and offensive systems​.

What’s Next for Mac Jones?

As the NFL Draft approaches, the Patriots’ decision on whether to trade Jones remains a significant storyline. With the team holding the No. 3 overall pick, the possibility of selecting a new quarterback adds another layer of intrigue to Jones’ situation. The outcome will likely depend on the offers the Patriots receive and their evaluation of potential quarterback prospects in the draft​.

In summary, Mac Jones’ future with the New England Patriots is uncertain, influenced by his performance downturn, coaching changes, and the dynamics of the NFL’s quarterback market. Whether Jones stays or goes, this offseason is pivotal for both him and the Patriots as they navigate the challenges of building a competitive team for the 2024 season and beyond.