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Proposed Trade Between Cowboys and Jets: Cooks for Mosley

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets are reportedly in talks over a trade that would see wide receiver Brandin Cooks swap teams with linebacker C.J. Mosley.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dallas Cowboys are exploring a trade to acquire linebacker C.J. Mosley from the New York Jets, aiming to bolster their defense.
  • Wide receiver Brandin Cooks is the proposed trade piece from the Cowboys, offering the Jets a dynamic offensive threat.
  • Financial considerations and player performance are central to the discussions, with both teams seeking to optimize their rosters for the upcoming season.

Cowboys Trade Brandin Cooks for Jets’ C.J. Mosley

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets are at a crossroads, with a trade proposition that could see wide receiver Brandin Cooks heading to the Jets in exchange for linebacker C.J. Mosley. This potential trade has sparked discussions and analyses among experts and fans alike, considering the impact it could have on both teams.

The Need for a Trade

Despite having a strong defense ranked fifth in the NFL last season, the Cowboys are looking to bolster their lineup further, especially at linebacker, due to the uncertain future of Leighton Vander Esch. Adding a seasoned player like Mosley, who has made 5 Pro Bowl appearances, could provide the necessary experience and skill set to the Cowboys’ defense. In the final year of his five-year, $85 million contract, Mosley represents a short-term solution but a high-impact one, potentially filling the gap left by Vander Esch and contributing significantly to the team’s aspirations for Super Bowl success in 2025?.

The Proposed Trade

The speculated trade involves the Cowboys sending interior offensive lineman T.J. Bass and a 2024 third-round pick (No. 87 overall) to the Jets in exchange for Mosley and a 2024 sixth-round pick (No. 186 overall). This proposal suggests the Cowboys are willing to pay a steep price for a short-term gain, emphasizing their commitment to pursuing a Super Bowl victory. Mosley’s performance, having played 99% of the defensive snaps for the Jets last season and accumulating 152 tackles, underscores his value and the potential impact he could have on the Cowboys’ defense?.

Brandin Cooks: A Fit for the Jets?

On the other side, Brandin Cooks presents an attractive option for the Jets, who have been actively seeking to strengthen their wide receiver lineup. With over 1,000 yards in six of the last eight seasons, Cooks is seen as a dynamic downfield threat. His potential acquisition by the Jets could significantly boost their offense, complementing players like Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore. Cooks’ cap hit, though substantial at over $26 million in 2023 and $24 million in 2024, is considered manageable, especially given his skill level and the impact he could have on the field?.

Financial and Strategic Considerations

Financially, the trade would allow the Jets to clear significant cap space, with the possibility of reworking Mosley’s contract to facilitate the trade. For Mosley, the move could offer a fresh start and an opportunity to compete at the highest level with a team eyeing the Super Bowl. It’s worth noting that despite his age, Mosley has relatively low wear and tear on his body, having missed significant time in 2019 and opting out of the 2020 season, which could bode well for his performance and longevity with the Cowboys?.

This proposed trade between the Cowboys and Jets involving Brandin Cooks and C.J. Mosley has potential benefits for both teams. For the Cowboys, acquiring Mosley could shore up their defense and provide the veteran presence needed for a deep playoff run. Adding Cooks would significantly enhance the Jets’ offensive firepower, giving them a proven and reliable target in the passing game. As both teams weigh their options, this trade idea remains a fascinating possibility that underscores the strategic considerations NFL teams must navigate in their pursuit of success.

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