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Texans Retain Eiselen and Ross for the 2024 Season

Houston Texans are preparing for the 2024 NFL season by re-signing offensive guard Dieter Eiselen and cornerback D’Angelo Ross, ensuring team stability and depth.

Key Takeaways
  • The Houston Texans have re-signed OG Dieter Eiselen and CB D’Angelo Ross, ensuring team stability.
  • Eiselen’s contract is a two-year extension worth $2.095 million, highlighting the team’s investment in his development.
  • Ross’s performance, primarily on special teams, showcases his value to the Texans’ roster.

Texans Secure Key Players

The Texans have officially re-signed offensive guard Dieter Eiselen, which prevents him from hitting the free agency market as an exclusive-rights free agent. Similarly, cornerback D’Angelo Ross, who was set to be a restricted free agent, has also secured a new deal with the team. These re-signings demonstrate the Texans’ commitment to retaining talent and enhancing team cohesion.

Dieter Eiselen’s Journey and Contract Details

Dieter Eiselen, born in South Africa and an alumnus of Yale, has made a remarkable journey to the NFL. After an impressive college career, Eiselen signed with the Chicago Bears as an undrafted free agent in 2020 before joining the Texans in 2023. During the recent season, he appeared in 10 games, showcasing his potential and contributing significantly to the team’s offensive line.

Eiselen’s new contract with the Texans is a two-year extension worth $2.095 million, which includes a $10,000 signing bonus and non-guaranteed base salaries of $985,000 for the first year and $1.1 million for the second year. This contract reflects the Texans’ trust in Eiselen’s abilities and their expectation of his continued development and contribution to the team.

Texans Re-Sign CB D’Angelo Ross

D’Angelo Ross, initially part of the Texans’ practice squad, has been promoted to the active roster. Standing at 5-9 and weighing 190 pounds, the 26-year-old cornerback brings a blend of youth and experience to the Texans’ defense. Ross’s promotion from the practice squad to the active roster signifies the team’s confidence in his abilities to contribute significantly on the field​.

Impact on the Texans

The re-signing of Eiselen and Ross is expected to provide the Texans with depth and stability, especially in the offensive line and special teams, respectively. Both players are anticipated to remain in reserve roles for the upcoming season, providing the team with reliable options and flexibility in their roster management​​.