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Texas Rangers Secure Outfielder Travis Jankowski for 2024 Season

Explore the Texas Rangers’ strategic move of re-signing outfielder Travis Jankowski for the 2024 season, including contract details, offseason strategies, and expectations.

Key Takeaways
  • Texas Rangers have re-signed outfielder Travis Jankowski to a one-year deal, worth $1.7 million with performance bonuses.
  • The Rangers are focusing on strengthening their team post-World Series victory, also signing veteran reliever David Robertson.
  • Known for his speed and versatility, Jankowski’s performance in the 2023 season positions him as a valuable asset for the Rangers’ outfield.

Texas Rangers Re-Sign Travis Jankowski

The Texas Rangers have made a strategic move in their roster by re-signing outfielder Travis Jankowski to a one-year deal. Jankowski, known for his speed and agility, has been a part of the big league since 2015 and has a track record with multiple teams, including the San Diego Padres, Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, and the Rangers. 

Jankowski showcased a solid performance in the 2023 season with Texas, hitting .263 and successfully stealing 19 bases. His one-year contract for 2024 is valued at $1.7 million, with additional performance bonuses included​.

Rangers’ Offseason Moves and Strategy

The Texas Rangers are building upon their recent World Series victory, aiming to maintain their competitive edge in the upcoming seasons. In addition to Jankowski, the Rangers have also signed veteran reliever David Robertson. This move is seen as a step to strengthen their bullpen. 

The Rangers’ overall strategy this offseason is focused on enhancing their roster with experienced players while keeping an eye on potential new signings, like the rumored return of Jordan Montgomery. However, they are also dealing with the unresolved situation with AL Championship Series MVP Adolis García, who is currently in salary arbitration discussions with the team​.

Jankowski’s Role and Expectations

At 32 years old, Travis Jankowski brings a blend of experience and versatility to the Rangers’ outfield. His performance in the 2023 season, with a .263 average and notable stolen bases, indicates his potential to be a valuable asset in various outfield positions. The Rangers will likely leverage Jankowski’s skills to maintain their outfield strength and base-running capabilities in the 2024 season. His career-high 30 RBIs in 107 games last season also demonstrate his ability to contribute significantly to the team’s offensive efforts​.

Ultimately, the Texas Rangers’ decision to re-sign Travis Jankowski aligns with their broader strategy of consolidating their World Series-winning team. By focusing on experienced players and addressing key positions, the Rangers are positioning themselves for continued success in the upcoming seasons. Jankowski’s return clearly indicates the team’s commitment to maintaining a strong and versatile outfield as they prepare for the challenges ahead.