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The Biggest Blowouts in NFL History

Explore the biggest blowouts in NFL history, featuring detailed accounts of record-breaking games, historic margins, and unforgettable performances in American football.

Key Takeaways
  • The Chicago Bears’ 73-0 win over the Washington Redskins in 1940 remains the largest margin of defeat in NFL history.
  • The Miami Dolphins’ 70-20 triumph over the Denver Broncos highlights modern NFL’s record-scoring games.
  • The list includes iconic games like the New England Patriots’ 59-0 victory over the Tennessee Titans in 2009 and the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 62-7 playoff win over the Miami Dolphins in 2000.

Record-Breaking Matches in the Super Bowl Era

The NFL has seen some lopsided games, where competition seemed a distant thought. Here are some of the most notable blowouts:

  • Chiefs 56, Broncos 10 (AFL Era): A significant win for the Chiefs, showcasing Bert Coan’s exceptional performance with three rushing touchdowns and a receiving TD.
  • Cowboys 59, Lions 13 (1968): Post-Ice Bowl, the Cowboys demonstrated offensive prowess, with notable contributions from Bob Hayes, Dan Reeves, and Chuck Howley.
  • Chiefs 56, Falcons 10 (2004): A memorable game where Priest Holmes and Derrick Blaylock achieved a record eight rushing TDs.
  • Patriots 56, Bills 10 (2007): A testament to the Patriots’ strength, with Tom Brady and Randy Moss setting single-season records.
  • Oilers 47, Bears 0 (1977): An unusual game where the losing team, the Bears, made it to the playoffs, while the Oilers did not.

Historic Blowouts and Their Impact

  • Jets 47, Rams 0 (2008): The biggest win in Jets history, marked by a dominant performance against the Rams.
  • Packers 55, Browns 7 (1967): A show of strength by the Packers, featuring notable performances from Donny Anderson and Travis Williams.
  • Vikings 51, Browns 3 (1969): A display of the Vikings’ defensive might, limiting Hall of Famer Leroy Kelly to 24 rushing yards.
  • 49ers 48, Rams 0 (1987): A remarkable game for the 49ers, leading them into the playoffs with the top-ranked offense and defense.
  • Jaguars 48, Browns 0 (2000): Highlighting the Jaguars’ dominance, with Fred Taylor leading the way with 181 yards and three TDs.

Unforgettable Games and their Legacy

  • Packers 55, Titans 7 (2012): The Packers’ significant victory during their playoff streak, with Aaron Rodgers delivering an exceptional performance.
  • Cowboys 56, Eagles 7 (1966): A record-setting game for the Cowboys, showcasing Don Meredith’s remarkable skills.
  • Chiefs 49, Cardinals 0 (2002): An offensive showcase by the Chiefs, with standout performances from Priest Holmes and Dante Hall.
  • Packers 52, Saints 3 (2005): Despite a challenging season, the Packers displayed their classic form against the Saints.
  • Ravens 59, Dolphins 10 (2019): A game that marked Lamar Jackson’s rise as a formidable quarterback, leading the Ravens to a historic win.

The Most Remarkable Margins in NFL Games

  • Dolphins 70, Broncos 20 (2023): A recent high-scoring game, demonstrating the Dolphins’ offensive capabilities.
  • Raiders 51, Broncos 0 (1967): A testament to the Raiders’ strength in their Super Bowl II campaign.
  • Browns 51, Steelers 0 (1989): A game that showcased the Browns’ defensive excellence under Bud Carson.
  • Giants 62, Eagles 10 (1972): A remarkable offensive display by the Giants, led by Norm Snead.
  • Dolphins 52, Patriots 0 (1972): Part of the Dolphins’ perfect season, showcasing their dominance over the Patriots.

Memorable Blowouts and Their Significance

  • Rams 52, Raiders 0 (2014): A standout game for the Rams, highlighted by Tre Mason’s performance.
  • Patriots 56, Jets 3 (1979): A career day for Steve Grogan, contributing to a significant Patriots victory.
  • Packers 56, Falcons 3 (1966): A game that underscored the Packers’ superiority during the Lombardi era.
  • Bears 61, Packers 7 (1980): A remarkable win for the Bears, with Vince Evans delivering an outstanding performance.
  • Bengals 61, Oilers 7 (1989): A game that intensified the rivalry between Sam Wyche’s Bengals and Jerry Glanville’s Oilers.
  • Falcons 62, Saints 7 (1973): A dominant win for the Falcons, with the Saints struggling to find their footing.
  • Saints 62, Colts 7 (2011): A commanding performance by the Saints, with Drew Brees leading the charge.
  • Seahawks 58, Cardinals 0 (2012): A comprehensive victory for the Seahawks, showcasing their all-around strength.
  • Rams 59, Falcons 0 (1976): A game that highlighted the Rams’ dominance in the 1970s, featuring Lawrence McCutcheon’s standout performance.
  • Patriots 59, Titans 0 (2009): An extraordinary game for the Patriots, with Tom Brady and Randy Moss setting records.

The Largest Margin of Defeat in NFL History

The Chicago Bears’ 73-0 triumph over the Washington Redskins in 1940 remains the most significant margin of defeat in NFL history. Inspired by George Preston Marshall’s words, the Bears showcased a formidable performance using the innovative T formation.

Recent Blowouts and Their Context

The Miami Dolphins’ recent 70-20 win over the Denver Broncos nearly broke the record for most points scored in an NFL game. Coach Mike McDaniel’s decision to not pursue the record reflects a focus on the season’s overall outcome rather than individual accolades.

The Five Biggest NFL Blowouts Since 1970

  • New England Patriots 59, Tennessee Titans 0 (2009): A game that demonstrated the Patriots’ offensive prowess under Tom Brady.
  • Los Angeles Rams 59, Atlanta Falcons 0 (1976): A testament to the Rams’ overwhelming strength during that era.
  • Seattle Seahawks 58, Arizona Cardinals 0 (2012): A dominant display by the Seahawks, highlighting Marshawn Lynch’s contributions.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 62, Miami Dolphins 7 (2000): The largest playoff blowout in NFL history, showcasing the Jaguars’ commanding performance.
  • New Orleans Saints 62, Indianapolis Colts 7 (2011): A memorable victory for the Saints, with Drew Brees leading a dominant offensive showing.

These historic blowouts, each marked by their own unique stories and record-breaking performances, continue to fascinate and impress NFL fans, serving as a testament to the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the sport.