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Ranking the Biggest Blowouts in NFL History – Up to 2024

Explore the biggest blowouts in NFL history, featuring detailed accounts of record-breaking games, historic margins, and unforgettable performances in American football.

Key Takeaways
  • The Chicago Bears’ 73-0 win over the Washington Redskins in 1940 remains the largest margin of defeat in NFL history.
  • The Miami Dolphins’ 70-20 triumph over the Denver Broncos highlights modern NFL’s record-scoring games.
  • The list includes iconic games like the New England Patriots’ 59-0 victory over the Tennessee Titans in 2009 and the Jacksonville Jaguars’ 62-7 playoff win over the Miami Dolphins in 2000.

Memorable NFL Blowouts in the Super Bowl Era

The NFL has seen some exciting games, where competition seemed a distant thought. Here are some of the most notable blowouts:

  • Chiefs 56, Broncos 10 (AFL Era): A significant win for the Chiefs, showcasing Bert Coan’s exceptional performance with three rushing touchdowns and a receiving TD.
  • Cowboys 59, Lions 13 (1968): Post-Ice Bowl, the Cowboys demonstrated offensive prowess, with notable contributions from Bob Hayes, Dan Reeves, and Chuck Howley.
  • Chiefs 56, Falcons 10 (2004): A memorable game where Priest Holmes and Derrick Blaylock achieved a record eight rushing TDs.
  • Patriots 56, Bills 10 (2007): A testament to the Patriots’ strength, with Tom Brady and Randy Moss setting single-season records.
  • Oilers 47, Bears 0 (1977): An unusual game where the losing team, the Bears, made it to the playoffs, while the Oilers did not.

Historic Blowouts & How They Played Out

  • Jets 47, Rams 0 (2008): The biggest win in Jets history, marked by a dominant performance against the Rams.
  • Packers 55, Browns 7 (1967): A show of strength by the Packers, featuring notable performances from Donny Anderson and Travis Williams.
  • Vikings 51, Browns 3 (1969): A display of the Vikings’ defensive might, limiting Hall of Famer Leroy Kelly to 24 rushing yards.
  • 49ers 48, Rams 0 (1987): A remarkable game for the 49ers, leading them into the playoffs with the top-ranked offense and defense.
  • Jaguars 48, Browns 0 (2000): Highlighting the Jaguars’ dominance, with Fred Taylor leading the way with 181 yards and three TDs.

Most Unforgettable Games in the History of NFL

  • Packers 55, Titans 7 (2012): The Packers’ significant victory during their playoff streak, with Aaron Rodgers delivering an exceptional performance.
  • Cowboys 56, Eagles 7 (1966): A record-setting game for the Cowboys, showcasing Don Meredith’s remarkable skills.
  • Chiefs 49, Cardinals 0 (2002): An offensive showcase by the Chiefs, with standout performances from Priest Holmes and Dante Hall.
  • Packers 52, Saints 3 (2005): Despite a challenging season, the Packers displayed their classic form against the Saints.
  • Ravens 59, Dolphins 10 (2019): A game that marked Lamar Jackson’s rise as a formidable quarterback, leading the Ravens to a historic win.

If you want to find out about more iconic moments from the NFL, check out our list of the biggest comebacks in history.

Most Remarkable Margins in NFL Games

  • Dolphins 70, Broncos 20 (2023): A recent high-scoring game, demonstrating the Dolphins’ offensive capabilities.
  • Raiders 51, Broncos 0 (1967): A testament to the Raiders’ strength in their Super Bowl II campaign.
  • Browns 51, Steelers 0 (1989): A game that showcased the Browns’ defensive excellence under Bud Carson.
  • Giants 62, Eagles 10 (1972): A remarkable offensive display by the Giants, led by Norm Snead.
  • Dolphins 52, Patriots 0 (1972): Part of the Dolphins’ perfect season, showcasing their dominance over the Patriots.

Memorable Blowouts and Their Impact

  • Rams 52, Raiders 0 (2014): A standout game for the Rams, highlighted by Tre Mason’s performance.
  • Patriots 56, Jets 3 (1979): A career day for Steve Grogan, contributing to a significant Patriots victory.
  • Packers 56, Falcons 3 (1966): A game that underscored the Packers’ superiority during the Lombardi era.
  • Bears 61, Packers 7 (1980): A remarkable win for the Bears, with Vince Evans delivering an outstanding performance.
  • Bengals 61, Oilers 7 (1989): A game that intensified the rivalry between Sam Wyche’s Bengals and Jerry Glanville’s Oilers.
  • Falcons 62, Saints 7 (1973): A dominant win for the Falcons, with the Saints struggling to find their footing.
  • Saints 62, Colts 7 (2011): A commanding performance by the Saints, with Drew Brees leading the charge.
  • Seahawks 58, Cardinals 0 (2012): A comprehensive victory for the Seahawks, showcasing their all-around strength.
  • Rams 59, Falcons 0 (1976): A game that highlighted the Rams’ dominance in the 1970s, featuring Lawrence McCutcheon’s standout performance.
  • Patriots 59, Titans 0 (2009): An extraordinary game for the Patriots, with Tom Brady and Randy Moss setting records.

The Largest Margin of Defeat in NFL History

The Chicago Bears’ 73-0 triumph over the Washington Redskins in 1940 remains the most significant margin of defeat in NFL history – it was one of the most iconic moments in the NFL. Inspired by George Preston Marshall’s words, the Bears showcased a formidable performance using the innovative T formation.

Most Recent NFL Blowouts

The Miami Dolphins’ recent 70-20 win over the Denver Broncos nearly broke the record for most points scored in an NFL game. Coach Mike McDaniel’s decision to not pursue the record reflects a focus on the season’s overall outcome rather than individual accolades.

NFL Since 1970: Top 5 Blowouts

  • New England Patriots 59, Tennessee Titans 0 (2009): A game that demonstrated the Patriots’ offensive prowess under Tom Brady.
  • Los Angeles Rams 59, Atlanta Falcons 0 (1976): A testament to the Rams’ overwhelming strength during that era.
  • Seattle Seahawks 58, Arizona Cardinals 0 (2012): A dominant display by the Seahawks, highlighting Marshawn Lynch’s contributions.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 62, Miami Dolphins 7 (2000): The largest playoff blowout in NFL history, showcasing the Jaguars’ commanding performance.
  • New Orleans Saints 62, Indianapolis Colts 7 (2011): A memorable victory for the Saints, with Drew Brees leading a dominant offensive showing.

These historic blowouts, each marked by their own unique stories and record-breaking performances, continue to fascinate and impress NFL fans, serving as a testament to the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the sport.