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MLB Trade: Twins Acquire Margot, Dodgers Welcome Back Hernández

The Minnesota Twins acquired outfielder Manuel Margot in a trade with the Dodgers, who welcomed back Enrique Hernández. Discover the strategic moves and expectations for the 2024 season.

Key Takeaways
  • Manuel Margot moves to the Twins in a notable three-player trade.
  • Enrique Hernández re-signs with the Dodgers on a one-year deal.
  • Both teams aim to bolster their 2024 lineup with these trades, focusing on versatility and postseason experience.

Twins Welcome Margot in Trade Deal

In Major League Baseball, the Minnesota Twins have acquired outfielder Manuel Margot from the Los Angeles Dodgers. This transaction was part of a three-player trade that saw the Dodgers welcoming back Enrique Hernández. The exchange included prospect Rayne Doncon moving to the Twins, with shortstop Noah Miller, previously the No. 23 prospect in the Twins’ system, heading to the Dodgers.

Swapping Margot for Miller and Hernández’s Return

Following a significant offseason, the Dodgers continued to adjust their 2024 roster with this trade. General Manager Brandon Gomes highlighted the versatility and postseason experience Hernández brings to the team, factors that influenced the Dodgers’ decision-making process. Despite Manuel Margot’s fit within the team, the Dodgers saw an opportunity to enhance their lineup’s flexibility and postseason potential by bringing back Hernández on a one-year, $4 million deal.

As we were having different conversations and the ability to bring Kiké back and time all of that up, just having another layer of versatility. Obviously, Manny still fits really well. Kiké, we just felt fit a little bit better, plus we know what he brings come postseason time, hopefully, and in the clubhouse.” Dodgers general manager Brandon Gomes said.

In December, Margot was initially acquired by the Dodgers from the Tampa Bay Rays in a deal that also brought pitcher Tyler Glasnow to Los Angeles. With a $10 million salary allocated for Margot in 2024, the Dodgers were open to trading the veteran outfielder before the season commenced. Discussions had taken place about a potential swap with the Boston Red Sox for closer Kenley Jansen, but those talks did not advance.

Hernández’s Role and Expectations

Enrique Hernández, known for his right-handed batting strength and versatility on the field, was important in helping the Dodgers win the World Series in 2020 before he joined the Red Sox. His return to the Dodgers last season proved beneficial, leading to constant communication and mutual interest between him and the club this offseason.

Hernández’s ability to play multiple positions, including a backup role to Freddie Freeman as first baseman and providing rest days for James Outman against left-handed pitching, adds depth to the Dodgers’ infield. Last season, Hernández improved his performance, hitting 5 homers and achieving a .731 OPS in 54 games.

This trade reflects both teams’ strategic efforts to bolster their rosters through versatile players and promising prospects, setting the stage for an exciting 2024 season.

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