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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Trade Rumors: Potential Moves and Team Interests

blue jays vs yankees

Rumors swirl around the potential trade of Toronto Blue Jays superstar Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as the 2024 trade deadline approaches.

Speculation involves several teams, including the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and Minnesota Twins.

Key Takeaways
  • The Toronto Blue Jays may trade their star player due to a challenging season and upcoming internal free-agency decisions.
  • The Yankees are speculated to be interested in Guerrero to strengthen their lineup and provide depth, though a trade is unlikely due to high costs and rivalry.
  • The Tigers need an upgrade at first base, while the Twins could use Guerrero to bolster their position as AL Central leaders.

Trade Speculation Grows as Deadline Approaches

The 2024 Major League Baseball season is well underway, and with it comes the usual trade deadline speculation.

Rumors are particularly intense this year, with multiple All-Stars potentially on the move. One major deal has already been completed, with the San Diego Padres acquiring Luis Arráez from the Miami Marlins.

Blue Jays Consider Trades Amid Team Struggles

The Toronto Blue Jays, currently struggling in the highly competitive AL East, might consider trading some key players, including superstar Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Despite his past success, Guerrero has seen a decline in performance since his near MVP season in 2021.

Moving Guerrero could address some of these issues as the team faces upcoming internal free-agency decisions.

Yankees Eye Guerrero Amid Trade Deadline Buzz

The New York Yankees, a perennial World Series contender, is expected to be highly active as the trade deadline approaches.

Adding Guerrero could bolster their lineup, providing defensive depth and power. However, a trade between the Yankees and the Blue Jays is unlikely due to high costs and divisional rivalry.

Jon Heyman from the New York Post recently highlighted the possibility, stating, “Vladimir Guerrero Jr.: The big-market Jays won’t give up easily, but at some point, they may need to consider whether this group is going to break through.”

A Yankees trade for Guerrero could offer insurance if Juan Soto leaves in free agency. Guerrero could also serve as a fallback option for first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who is on the decline.

Other Potential Landing Spots for Guerrero

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers, with a mix of young talent, have struggled with first baseman Spencer Torkelson’s performance.

Trading for Guerrero, who is under team control until 2025, could provide a significant upgrade and isn’t just a rental solution.

Minnesota Twins

Guerrero could also be traded to the Minnesota Twins. With the Twins performing well in the AL Central, acquiring Guerrero could strengthen their weak first base position.

Their current options, Carlos Santana and Alex Kirilloff, have not performed at a high level, and Guerrero could be the key to maintaining their lead in the division.

As the 2024 trade deadline nears, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s fate remains uncertain. While a trade to the Yankees is unlikely, other teams like the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins could be viable destinations. The coming months will reveal whether the Blue Jays decide to part ways with their once-promising star.