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Stack touts improvements to Central Avenue, other major streets in Union City

The city has been redoing its major thoroughfares with safety in mind

A new bike lane was added to Central Avenue. Photo courtesy of the city.

Major improvements on Central Avenue have been completed in Union City, Mayor Brian Stack has announced. New sidewalks, new streets, decorative lighting, and many safety upgrades have been added, including a bike lane.

A majority of the city’s main avenues have been totally redone. According to Stack, those that haven’t been renovated yet are in the works.

“We just finished resurfacing 21st to 35th Street on Central Avenue,” Stack said in a video update on the project on August 30. “Brand new streets, brand new sidewalks. Very soon we will have decorative lighting coming in.”

Among the safety upgrades made to the street, the city has installed brighter lights to existing street lights.

“We replaced all the flood lights to make it very bright in the evening,” Stack said. “Now, with our children going back to school, it makes it even safer.”

On top of that, the city also added a bike lane on Central Avenue like it did on Palisade Avenue.

“Bicyclists and individuals that are operating a motorcycle or a scooter can drive so safely and follow the pattern of traffic,” Stack said.

Stack concluded in true Stack-fashion by thanking residents for their support and advising them to contact him with any suggestions and concerns.

“What’s very important is that the street from 21st to 35th on Central was completely replaced,” Stack said. “The sidewalks were done. We put ballards on the corner to keep people safe in the crosswalk. And soon we’ll have decorative lighting. 

Prior to finishing renovations on Central Avenue, Summit Avenue received the same treatment. Summit Avenue was repaved from 5th Street to 18th Street, sidewalks were replaced, and brighter street lights were added, among other similar improvements.

“This just adds to the safety,” Stack said, touting the changes in a video update on August 17. “Please come to Summit Avenue, shop at Summit Avenue, come to the restaurants on Summit Avenue.”

In addition to work on Palisades Avenue, Summit Avenue, and Central Avenue, the city is redoing Bergenline Avenue as well. The projects will continue to progress throughout the year, according to Stack.

“We are focused and committed to continuing the progress we have made together!,” Stack said.

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