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Dear Editor:

Attempting to catch up on my 2012 to do list, before 2013 arrives next week...I am responding to your 10.7.12 River Road/Bike Lanes article - IF they Build It, They will Ride.

Perhaps the letter will make a 2012 year in review article or a 2013 Resolutions article.

I wish to

1. Thank the Hudson County Officials who acknowledged the need for and implemented the Bike Lane Markings. This is a first step.

2. Emphasize what Ted Semegran clarifies in your article - standard bike lanes are usually 10 feet wide, not 5 feet. A painted line does not a safe bike lane make.

3. Ask if any of the Hudson County Officials have biked on River Road on a weekend or other time when traffic is present? If so, then they know that the lane's 5 feet width - with the usual gravel, grates and debris - will cause the cyclist to veer out of the lane more often than not, to avoid the road obstacles, making the painted lines much less effective.

4. All Cyclists on River Road should wear helmets. Jason Alvarez, shown in the articles' pictures, is not wearing a helmet. River Road's experienced, frequent riders know that helmets are a must given River Road's traffic intensity, proximity to the rider and bike lane "surprise" obstacles.

In summary, I hope that 2013 brings increased bike lane width, urge all riders to wear helmets and wish all a safe and happy new year, on and off the road.

Kathy Friedman
North Bergen, NJ

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