‘Hola is a reason to move to Hoboken and to stay in Hoboken’
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Dear Editor: The following is an open letter to Mayor Dawn Zimmer from Valarie H. McPherson

Dear Mayor Zimmer:

As a resident of Hoboken and parent of 2 children in Hola, I am publicly requesting that you show your support of Hola by submitting a letter to the Department of Education supporting both the renewal of the charter and the expansion to 8th grade. Your appearance on Univision is not enough to demonstrate your support of the school. Instead of publicity, please use your role as mayor to make a request to the DOE - this is the most effective tool in your arsenal to assist the school, the community and the children. Hola is a reason to move to Hoboken and to stay in Hoboken. In the global world in which we live, it is vital that our children are competitive. Most citizens of other countries are fluent in more than one language. Nowadays, our kids must be able to compete globally.

I am an immigration attorney. I assist companies with the transfer and hiring of international employees. I truly understand the competitive global environment today – and it will only continue to become more global. I also see that foreign national employees are choosing not to pursue the green card – and are giving up the green card – because there are more opportunities in other countries. We cannot let the “sun set” on the USA. In order to continue to remain competitive in the global environment; our schools need to really teach languages as well as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) courses. Otherwise, our children and the country will not be able to maintain the prominence in the world that we now enjoy. The Hoboken School Board, instead of dampening innovation and creative educational opportunities, should be looking to Hola as a model and inspiration for their own programming. Thank you for your support. – Gracias para su apoyo.

Valarie H. McPherson

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December 09, 2013
Any non-Hispanic parent who enrolls their child in a program like Hola is a FOOL. Spanish is the language of LOSERS. That's why these people came here in the first place. Forcing a young child to learn spanish will encourage him to listen to "Hispanic culture" and identify with that failed culture. No technology or scientific advancement of any kind has emerged from the third world. Young children should focus on learning math, science and social studies in the worldwide language of WINNERS---English. When they're old enough to decide for themselves, over age 18, then they can study a foreign language.

If you want to force a child to learn a foreign language, choose Chinese, because they'll be running this country in 30 years. And those people who speak spanish in 30 years? They'll be lucky if the Chinese only sterilize them.