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Zimmer, Trump, and the future of flood control


Dear Editor:
Our mayor has a fondness for the Rebuild By Design program which I agree, if implemented, represents Hoboken’s best opportunity to safeguard ourselves against future weather disasters. That said, I find it very odd that while I received numerous reminders from our mayor about how to vote regarding November’s school board election, I saw nothing from her about the presidential election. Is this really where her priorities lie?
Perhaps the mayor didn’t want to reveal her true Republican leanings, or somehow thought her neutrality would best position her afterwards. Given her affinity for politics, I suspect the latter but did it not occur to her which candidate held the best hope for Hoboken’s future given our vulnerable location near the Hudson estuary (among other things)?
It is sometimes said that being neutral is nothing more than being without principles. What’s the future of Rebuild By Design in the age of Trump? Is the mayor really telling us that maintaining her grip on the school board is more important than safeguarding our city against future natural calamities? Will she ever put her constituents above politics?
We need our elected officials to be responsive to their citizenry as was originally intended.
Hank Forrest

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