Fight the Donald, locally

Dear Editor:
Many wonder how they can voice their anger at Donald Trump, his policies, and make lasting positive change. While voters in other states only have the opportunity to express their anger through protest this year, we in New Jersey will have a primary in June and a general election in November that can be the first major referendums on Trump. If we are serious about not only sending a message but a man to Trenton who will make positive policies, in sharp contrast to the Trump administration, the clear choice is John Wisniewski. As a member of the State Assembly he led the campaign to protect drivers from Corzine’s attempt to privatize the Parkway and raise tolls, exposed Bridge gate and the Christie administration’s abuses of power, sponsored legislation to oversee Sandy recovery money and guarantee it got to deserving victims, and has been a consistent fighter for gun safety, school funding, and property tax relief. This is the kind of progressive leadership we need to not only protect New Jersey from the Trump administration but also build on the positive achievements of President Obama at the local level. Together we can elect John Wisniewski.
Dan Cronin