The Tear Drop

On September 11th, 2001, a Tear dropped from my eyes,
As I watched as the Twin Towers fall down from the sky,
The tear went down my face to my chin,
As I became frightened & my thoughts became grim,
Then the horror of it all began to unfold,
As the stories of September 11th were told,
Our country was attacked and we were all heartbroken,
As our loved ones left their memories, an eternal token,
Many years have gone by and The Tear Drop has found a home in my heart,
And America the Beautiful keeps them together, never apart,
For our country may have shed many tears,
But gives us strength to fight all the fears,
It gives us Fellow Americans that are always there,
To give their love and show they care,
For this is America, the Land that we Love,
A Special Gift from Heaven Above,
So if you are wondering where all your tear drops have gone,
They’re right in your heart, with those you love who have passed on,
May God Bless us all, each and every day,
And may He give us Red, White and Blue Rainbows along the way!