The BBOED has more explain to do

To the Editor:

I was quite surprised when I read Marguerite Simpson’s letter to the editor requesting an apology to two former managers of the Bayonne Board of Education. Was it not under their leadership that erroneous accounting methods by the Bayonne Board of Ed Administration created budget shortfalls which the City of Bayonne was wrongfully billed for to fund causing tax increases, and which resulted in about 100 teachers to be laid off causing great hardships in their lives and disruptions in the educational programs of our children? I know that the audit actually revealed a surplus. But where are these surplus funds? Will the City of Bayonne be billed less in future years leading to some tax relief finally? I am afraid not. If anything the Bayonne Board of Education has a lot more explaining to do. I sincerely hope that the new members of the Bayonne Board of Education will live up to their promises and bring transparency, honesty and efficiency to our overly expensive public school system.