Virtual visitor parking permits launch in Hoboken


The Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) announced the soft launch of the Virtual Visitor Parking (VVP) permit system.

All residents with a valid HPU online account are eligible to purchase and activate virtual visitor permits online which will allow for visitor permits to be purchased from any internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The system is 100 percent online and provides real-time activation at any time, so a visit to the HPU office is no longer required to purchase visitor permits.

According to a press release from the city, the Virtual Visitor Permits provide several benefits over the scratch-off visitor hang tags, which can be purchased until the end of the year.

The Virtual Visitor Permit system is convenient because it eliminates the need for a hang tag which residents previously had to purchase at city hall and pick up. It also includes a notification system which alerts visitors by text message 30 minutes before their permit expires.

The system also allows for future date activations and flexibility because permits can be purchased for four-hour, eight-hour, and 24-hour time limits.

The new system helps residents and visitors avoid Temporary No Parking areas by providing an interactive map. The map displays current and future Temporary No Parking areas, which will enable residents to inform their guests ahead of time of which areas to avoid when they look for parking spaces.

Residents can log in to the City of Hoboken HPU Online website to purchase visitor permits and then visit the new Virtual Permit Activation portal to activate them. Afterward, residents will be invited to complete a short survey about the process of purchasing and activation.

To learn more about the new Virtual Visitor Parking permit system, including “how-to” videos and an FAQ section, visit: