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Hoboken announces two more COVID-19 cases

Mayor Ravi Bhalla has announced Hoboken has two additional COVID-19 cases.

The city Health Department identified one as a male in his 30s and the other as a male in his 40s.

Both individuals are currently in self-isolation at home and the HHD  officers have been in contact with them, and both are expected to recover.

The department has reached out to anyone who was in contact with both individuals, and are recommending self-quarantine with continued monitoring.

“Due to strict confidentiality laws, we cannot disclose more detailed information about the two individuals with positive cases, but please know that our health office is doing everything possible to develop a timeline of events and notify anyone who may have been affected,” said Bhalla.

“Unfortunately, this type of announcement may become the new normal as we expect a substantial increase of cases both locally and across the country,” said Bhalla. “Doing everything now, proactively to address this national crisis can literally save lives in Hoboken, especially our large senior population. Please keep them in mind during these difficult times.”

Those who think they are sick should call a primary care physician first instead of going to the emergency room.

“We anticipate a likely surge of cases impacting the capacity of Hoboken University Medical Center in the coming weeks, and the emergency room must be available for those needing critical care,” said Bhalla.

Bhalla said the best thing residents can do is to practice social distancing, wash their hands, work from home, and stay home if they feel sick.

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