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Second positive case in downtown Jersey City

Mayor Steven Fulop announced on March 14 obn Twitter that the city has a second confirmed COVID-19 case.
The person is a  61-year-old female living in downtown.
“We have already started outreach to all of her contacts/interactions and we will do that proactively,” tweeted Fulop. “We are going to continue to be aggressive on policies/educating the public. We want to make sure the public knows as I have information you will immediately have information as this the best way to avoid rumors.”

The city established a 24-hour hotline on Tuesday, March 10.

If you suspect you have been exposed to Covid-19, self-quarantine and call 201-547-5208.

To avoid overburdening medical facilities, those who believe they are infected are asked not to use public transportation to get to hospitals. Instead, call the hotline first, which will tell you where and how to go.

As for further proactive measures the city might take, Fulop said  “There is no ‘playbook’ on this and I want to avoid getting to a point where each municipality is succumbing to peer pressure. Up till now we have been measured and reasonable in trying to promote social distancing with a basic rule. The test for us has been whether a place has a track record/business model of being an establishment that runs counter to social distancing. That’s basically it.”

He said movie theaters were instructed to close on Saturday, March 14, but as of now the mall remains open overall. Gyms were asked to limit classes, and bars and night clubs have a 10 p.m. curfew to limit activity.

“My belief still is that we try to maintain as much normalcy as possible within basic guidelines of social distancing,” Fulop tweeted. “At some point we have to trust our citizens to make decisions based on those basic guidelines. We in Jersey City are trying to be as reasonable, thoughtful, and measured as possible given the circumstances.”

At a press conference on March 12, Fulop said all establishments which can fit more than 25 people are being instructed to take attendance, including places of worship, restaurants, and special event venues so that the city will have access to a record of all individuals entering an establishment through a sign-in sheet for the purpose of notification of potential exposure, if necessary.

All regularly scheduled public meetings held by the city including the City Council, Planning and Zoning Boards, and other governing boards, are canceled until further notice, as are all city-sponsored events.

All city offices, buildings, and departments will still be open to the public during normal business hours, but there will be no walk-ins. Instead, residents must call ahead and schedule appointments.

Alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended March 16 through March 20.

All-non-Criminal matters scheduled in the Jersey City Municipal Court, at 365 Summit Ave. between Monday, March 16 and March 20 are adjourned.

The JCMUA has ordered Suez to eliminate water shutoffs to any Jersey City residence for 30 days and will not be accepting any hand deliveries of permit applications, correspondence, invoices, bill payments, or proposals.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for our city’s SwiftReach alert system for advisories and updates.

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