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Too much power

Dear Editor:

So, it’s OK to be on a crowded bus, train or subway car with poor circulation and close, cramped space, but it’s not OK to be outside in a park where social distancing can be observed?? Where’s the common sense in that decision? The air and wind certainly assists in dispersing any germs, while it’s much easier in the open space to keep your distance, rather then in a confined space. Why not have people wear masks in the parks?

Yes, we’re all living in unprecedented times and have to restrict our normal movements. However, as US Attorney General William Barr stated last week, some of the restrictions put in by the states, are “Draconian” in nature, and are “restricting people’s liberties”. He further stated that the Dept. of Justice will be keeping a close eye and examining some of the state’s orders.

Since when did we elect a “dictator” as governor here in NJ? As of this writing, more then 120 executive orders have been filed. These have been given without any oversight, or checks and balances. Even the president can’t declare war without Congress authorizing it.

Having a governor unilaterally mandate orders without any checks and balances seems to go against the principles of democracy. Since all of the governor’s current orders seem to take effect 24 to 48 hours after being issued, the following should take place; the elected state officials, ie..state senators, should be given 48 hours to hold a vote. Either in person, or by telephone, with a simple majority being able to pass or deny an executive order. If after 48 hours, no vote is recorded, then the order becomes immediately effective.

I realize to implement this procedure would require a change to the NJ state Constitution, but this should be done at the earliest possibility. No one elected official should have the power to infringe on people’s rights guaranteed by both the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It’s these same officials who don’t want you to know that it will probably be months before some of these restrictions will be lifted, maybe thru the summer, and probably not until the New Year that “social distancing” will be relaxed. If they told the real truth, there would probably be riots and pandemonium. Already, divorces being filed and domestic violence cases are reporting double digit increases. When you take away, or restrict a person’s basic rights, bad things happen.

Give us back our rights.

David Falandys

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